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  • ECS News - February 5, 2016

    It has been a deep thinking week at Endeavor Charter School! 

    • 5th graders are building with centimeter and inch cubes to infer properties of volume.
    • 7th graders are creating their own businesses and deciding on percent mark-up and discounts to create the best profit.
    • 3rd graders were given jobs this week as part of their economy unit.  They will be "paid" today and get to feel like adults when they get their checks and go to the class bank.
    • 6th graders have been recreating tectonic plate movements with a graham cracker and icing lab. They further explored the Earth's movements creating basic seismographs in the classroom.   They are also waist deep in figurative language and digging dip down finding super snazzy sound devices to include in their poetry projects.
    • Kindergarteners have used several different math strategies to solve addition word problems.  They used manipulatives, number lines, drew pictures, tally marks, and wrote number equations.
    • 4th graders have been exploring our school using different formulas to find the area and perimeter of various figures.
    • 8th graders in Math 1 used area models to illustrate how to multiply binomials.
    • 1st graders worked hard to compare the Arctic and Antarctic regions to learn about how they are alike and different.
    Next Friday is our Day of Math.  Students are asked to wear something with a number on it! 
    *Be sure you've updated your calendar to indicate that Monday, February 15 is our snow make-up day.  It is no longer a holiday.  We hope to see everyone at school on that day!

    Enrichment News 

    • Chorus will meet Tuesday morning from 7:30-8:30AM.
    • There will be no after-school enrichment classes on Monday, February 15th.
    Thank you for supporting the ECS enrichment program! 

    Boosters News 

      • MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR FEBRUARY'S SPIRIT EVENT - Join ECS families and friends at Shuckers Oyster Bar & Grill in Wake Forest Tuesday, February 23rd. This is an ALL DAY benefit with 20% OF ALL PROCEEDS donated in support of our student athletes! LUNCH/DINNER, DINE-IN/TAKE-OUT!!  Click Here For Directions

    PAWS News

        • PAWS GIVES BACK: Thanks to our dedicated ECS families for supporting our PAWS sponsored, Bedford Falls book fair last week.  Due to the success of the book fair PAWS was able to use our proceeds to purchase over $1000 in books for our teachers from their wish lists!!!  
        • BOX TOP DRIVE: Start clipping those box tops for our next drive,
          March 7-11th.  Be on the lookout for prize information coming soon! 
        • SCRIP PROGRAM:  Shopwithscrips.com money due Monday February 8th. Contact Kim Bennett
           if you have any questions.  
        • A HUGE THANKS TO OUR CULTURAL ARTS TEAM~ Grades K-8 was able to enjoy the talents of Trent Arterberry as he brought his THINK BIGG performance to Endeavor.  This show offered a hilarious combination of miming, storytelling and audience participation.  Be sure to ask your students about this performance!
        • ART SHOW NEWS: Paws Cultural Arts and the Fine Arts Team are eager and excited for the 2016 Annual Art Show!  We need your help in providing us with some picture frames for the theme this year, 'Picture This'!  Please note that the frames can be used, made of any material and we love frames with texture!  Please bring them to the art room on any day or time next week and thank you SO very much for your help with this! CLICK HERE to sign up to donate a picture frame. 




  • 2014-2015 Endeavor Charter School Testing Summary

    Each October, the N.C Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) releases the state testing results from the previous school year and each school receives a score based on their results. The score is calculated as a combination of raw results, proficiency and growth. Each school across the state receives a number grade and a letter grade as a result of their score. In December, these scores were released to the public.

     For the 2014-2015 school year, Endeavor received an A+NG score from NCDPI. Out of 2,446 schools across the state, only 69 schools received a grade of A+NG.  We are in the top 3% of all schools in North Carolina! We are not only one of the best charter schools in our local area but one of the best overall schools in the entire state of N.C!!!!!

     How do our results compare to the other schools in our area?

    Endeavor = A+NG

    Average Grade of 8 Charter Schools within 20 miles= B+ 

    Average Grade of 10 Public Schools within 10 miles= C+

    These results are something for the entire school community to be proud of! They are a testament to all of the hard work our students, teachers, parents and community have done to make Endeavor a great place to learn, grow and work. In the Wake Forest, N. Raleigh and Rolesville area, Endeavor has become the example of academic excellence.

    Click here to see our NC School Report Card for 2014-2015