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We learn by doing.  - Aristotle

Endeavor Charter School will nurture and inspire motivated students to push themselves beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary by providing a challenging curriculum that enhances traditional education with experiential opportunities.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines an endeavor as ”a conscientious or concerted effort toward an end; an earnest attempt.” At Endeavor Charter School, we strive to embody this ideal in every facet of student life. Our goal is for students to leave Endeavor with a firm understanding of the curriculum, experience with real world applications, confidence in expressing and voicing opinions, and an internalized drive to continue to learn. In order to make this vision a reality, we seek to provide students with a holistic education – academic, social, and emotional – that allows them to leave our school ready for high school, college, and the real world. The staff at Endeavor Charter School will meet this goal by providing public speaking opportunities and by teaching children through hands-on, experiential, and differentiated instructional strategies. Our goal is for students to “live” the curriculum.


Students will be in classes averaging eighteen students, offering teachers an invaluable opportunity to learn about and meet the needs of each and every student. Teachers will collaborate to meet the needs of the students. Schedules will be flexible and allow for large chunks of teachable time that may change with the needs of the students. Teaching will not always be out of a textbook; it may be hands-on and utilize manipulatives, technology, and other mediums that allow learning to be experiential. Learning across curriculums will involve simulations, activities that allow students to experience, or “live,” what they have just learned.

Self-confidence is an essential trait that the Endeavor ROAR program will promote in students. One method of building self-confidence is to familiarize students with public speaking. In the daily morning meeting, students will have opportunities to express themselves as individuals and to express their opinions in front of their peers. Additionally, each grade level will have a public speaking exit requirement. These requirements will build off each other from year to year. After completing the public speaking portion of Endeavor’s education program, students will have the ability to express opinions clearly, interview with colleges, and apply for jobs with confidence. Students will leave with the ability to apply their skills to the real world.


At Endeavor we will seek to provide the highest educational program possible, but we do not think that is enough.  We want to encourage the development of good citizens as well as good students.  Our “community” approach will provide students with opportunities to get to know the people who make our school possible – from the office staff, to the faculty, the custodian, and the people who deliver our supplies.  As students grow, our vision is for them to extend their sense of community to the city, county, state, and even world.

Throughout history, the word “endeavor” has been chosen to name vessels of exploration.  Courageous visionaries, setting forth on trips of research, adventure, and national pride chose this word to name their vessels and identify their character.  Whether exploring the vast uncharted oceans of Earth or the universe around us, “Endeavor” has stood the test of time.  We know the educational program at Endeavor Charter School will live up to the spirit of its predecessors.
Last Modified on April 25, 2012