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P.A.W.S. = Parents Active With Students

(Endeavor Charter School's Parent/Teacher Organization)

At a small school like Endeavor, our parent volunteers are an essential part of our success.

Your support allows us to raise the bar in ways we otherwise could not!


  Parents support our teachers on a daily basis by providing lunch/recess coverage. This service allows the teachers to take a one-hour lunch/planning period and perhaps most importantly, to refresh before the later half of the day. Parents also support our teachers by organizing special events, donating supplies, and much more.


  Parents support our students by joining PAWS. Membership fees are used to provide cultural arts events, purchase technology and other classroom materials. They also support our students by chaperoning field trips throughout the year. In the upper grades, many of these are overnight trips. In the lower grades, these are day trips that require chaperones/drivers. Interactive field trips provide unique learning opportunities that our students would be deprived of without our parents.


  Parents support our artistic growth by helping coordinate cultural arts events. They work with our Fine Arts team to research venues, collect props, sew costumes, paint scenery, share expertise, and coordinate performances and in-class events.


  Parents support our facility by painting, building, and repairing furniture and walls. They install and adjust. They beautify our grounds and improve our play areas. They make sure our school is safe and beautiful inside and outside.


  Parents support our potential by sharing the vision of Endeavor's core values and mission statement. They are informed participants in their children's education. They seek information when unsure and offer suggestions when their expertise offers insight. They promote Endeavor within the community. They pass along information about community resources and opportunities.


Parents support our school and administration
in so many ways throughout the school year. 
For this, we are overwhelmingly grateful!