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Kindergarten lunch and recess is from 12:55-1:55. 
Kindergarten Lunch Procedure
* First 5 minutes are silent
* Everyone stays in their seats
* Kids rasie hands if they need help
* Feel free to read them a story :)
* All trash goes back in the lunch box, except for Cafe Days (use bag provided)
* Call individual tables to put their lunch box in their backpack (5 minutes before lunch ends)
* Please wipe down tables with Lyson Wipes (adults only)
Kindergarten Recess Procedures
Thank you for volunteering to cover recess for your classroom teacher.  It allows for a much deserved break in the day.  We hope your time will be enjoyable.  Please be familiar with the following guidelines for recess:
1.  Sign in at the front office and display your ID badge while on campus.
2.  Please take the emergency medical bag outside with you.
3.  Line students up and maintain quiet hallways and outdoor path.  Students may talk as soon as they reach the playground.
4.  Unleses there is a medical emergency, please avoid sending students back to the building once you have gone outside.  If they must go inside, please send child through one of the first grade classrooms.
5.  Some simple rules while monitoring the playground:
         a.  Use equipment properly while outside
         b.  Play with toys in the manner that they were designed for (jump ropes for jumping, etc)
         c.  We do not use toys or body parts for weapons
         d.  Students will keep hands to themselves.  No contact games.
         e.  Mulch must remain on the ground.
         f.  Students must stay away from the fences, trees, playhouse, and toy bins.
         h.  No bullying (kind words or no words)
6.  When it is clean up time all toys must be put away neatly.  Everyone participates in clean up.
7.  Remind students to be silent as they walk on the outside path and when they re-enter the building.
8.  Please report any issues/concerns that occurred during recess to the classroom teacher.
          Thanks for Volunteering :)