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Enrichment Program Overview

Financial FAQ


How are the fees determined? 

Funding for the Enrichment Program at Endeavor is completely self-generated.  In an effort to provide high quality educational course offerings, we make every attempt to attract enthusiastic instructors by paying them a salary that is worthy of their time, experience, and talent.  In addition, we do everything we can to run classes, even if all we do is break even.  The issue is that, while student enrollment numbers differ from class to class, instructor salaries are set and fixed at the time that we publish our Course Catalog.  Because we also pay toward benefits for those instructors otherwise employed by the school, simply “breaking even” has, in the past, often meant taking a slight loss in order to cover these benefits.  The goal, as always, is to keep base fees under $150 per 8-week class.  When compared to other youth enrichment opportunities, this is still a bargain!

Are there discounts available for my student?

Students who enroll in more than one After-School Class are eligible to receive the Multi-Class Discount, and may deduct $10 off of the base fee for any and all classes beyond the first one.  For example, assuming a base fee of $100/class:
  • One class, pay $100
  • Two classes will cost $190
  • Three classes will total $280
  • Four classes will pay a base rate of $370

Materials fees may be added by the instructors to these totals.


This discount is based on each child's participation and will not apply to siblings who both enroll in one class each.


The discount does not apply to, or include, the Morning Music Ensembles as the registration fees for these classes are already deeply discounted.


This discount does not apply to, or affect, the fees associated with participation in the Academic Mentoring Program. 

How do the fees work for the Academic Mentoring Program?

  • Student Fees:  $20/hour x 8 weeks = $160/quarter

The fees for this program were established in an effort to offer parents an affordable alternative to finding a private tutor in the community, many of whom charge upward of $40/hour for their services.


How do the fees work for participation in one of the Morning Music Ensembles?

In an effort to eliminate an excess amount of paperwork for parents whose student participates in this year-long program, we decided to register students for an entire semester (two quarters combined) at a time, rather than every quarter.

  • Chorus – meets once a week:  $100 per semester

Registration for these classes will be available apart from the other programs.  Discounts do not apply, as the base fee, when compared with other class offerings, is already heavily discounted.

How do the fees work for the Before-School Program?

  • The cost is $150 per quarter.
  • The only exception to this rule is that students who are concurrently enrolled in chorus will pay only $125 per quarter.
  •  Music Ensemble fees remain unchanged, regardless of participation in Before-School

Registration for these classes will be available apart from the other programs.


Why are the base fees more expensive for classes offered by other organizations?

We are so fortunate to be able to partner with outside organizations that can offer specialized experiences through our After-School Program!  For all of these offerings, the organization provides the instructor, trained and often certified in their subject matter, as well as all equipment and supplies.  For example, Bricks-4-Kidz™ would provide all Lego® equipment, including the actual bricks, gears, levers, motors, remotes, and laptop computers used to program the Lego® robotics projects along the way.  Wonder-Full Science would bring different artifacts each week (gigantic T-Rex skull, 35 lbs of Dino dung, etc.), as well as materials for various hands-on projects that they have planned.  Fees for these programs were negotiated between our two organizations, and are highly competitive (if not less expensive) when compared to similar programs offered through other school programs.


Can I combine payment for these programs for my child?

Absolutely!  Each program (Before-School, After-School, Chorus, AMP) will have a one-page registration form to be completed.  These forms are available to be downloaded from the school website under “Enrichment”.  When you are ready to enroll your student, simply complete the form for each program that you have selected, and include these, along with one check payable to “Endeavor Charter School”, in an envelope that is clearly labeled.  Turn your envelope in at the front office, and you will receive a receipt shortly thereafter as confirmation of your student’s enrollment.  Once you have completed the Emergency Information Form (also available online), we will keep that on file for the entire year, and it will be valid for every Enrichment Program taken by your student throughout the year.

Can I write one check for all of my kids?

Please include one check per child when registering for classes, but feel free to include the total for all Enrichment activities for that child.  We utilize an electronic accounting system that offers parents many benefits.  For instance, receipts will now be sent via email, and will serve as a professional representation of payment.  This system will, however, only track one student's activities per check received.