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Date Literature Math 
 Sign Boot Camp
Students: A Million Words (due Friday)
Parents: A Million Words (due Friday) 

                  NO HW                                    
Unit 1 geography challenge 7/3
chapter 1 preview 7/31  
7/31 Complete AOTW #1   Ch 1 Blurt Cards 8/3 
8/3 First 5 Flashcards 
1. Why PEMDAS?
2. Q1 Week2 spiral review 
log on to
explore the site
sign with your parents that you have successfully logged on  8/4 
 8/4 Complete all flashcards
 Quiz corrections: Brainpop Exponents
1) why did you answer as you did?
2) what should you have answered and WHY? 
Chapter 1 questions in your IN 8/5
super hominid poster 8/6 
 8/5NO HW   
Tool Building planning paper 8/
Tool Building Paper 8/11 
8/6  AotW #2  
Work on your hominid tool paper 8/11
Tools due on 8/11  
 8/7RL #1   
Work on your  tool paper rough draft 8/10
We will start our comics on Monday 
 Due Friday: Q1 Week 2 Spiral Review
Due Tuesday: gray and white study guide   
Complete your tool paper final copy. Please edit with a friend or parent. :) 8/11
IN (interactive notebook) check on Friday.  
 8/11 Write the best proof you can for why any number with an exponent zero has a value of one. See:            Work on your comic draft. We will start final comics in class 8/12. Read Chapter 4 (online textbook) 8/12 
 8/12  Quiz tomorrow: Order of Operations and Exponents 
Ch 4 reading notes in your IN 8/13
work on your Ch 4 blurt cards
Work on your comic  
 8/13AotW#3 HW corrections due from Q1W1 and Q1W2 HW due tomorrow, as well  
Comic 8/17
Unit 1 review (in class) 8/17 
Read Chapters 5&6 8/17
Blurt cards chapters 1-6 8/18
Early Humans Quiz 8/19
8/14  RL#2  No HW 
8/17    Vocab Act #3 
Q1W3 due Friday
Corrections to Q1W2 due Wednesday
Corrections to quizzes due tomorrow 
complete the  geography challenge and CH 7 by 8/21
8/18 No HW  Q1W2 corrections due tomorrow    
do your CH 7 BLURT cards today
check over  your Unit 1 review  8/18
 Vocab Act #4
Word Wall Word 
 Q1W2 quiz Friday 
study for your quiz
8/20  Article of the Week #4 Q1W2 quiz tomorrow 
Quiz Today
Read Ch 8 &9 
8/21 Reading Log #3    complete Ch 8 reading notes
8/24  Find an Article
Q1W2 quiz corrections due Tues 
 Q1W3 HW corrections due Wed
Q1W4 HW due Friday 
4 sections of your Ch 9 reading notes
get your quiz signed and returned 
8/25  Vocabulary Act 5 U1 Q1W3 HW corrections due tomorrow 
Complete Ch 9 reading notes
this was classwork from today 
 8/26 Complete Rough Draft  
Complete Ch 11
go to my page and click on the reading notes link to see notes for all chapters 
 8/27Study for VocabularyTest Q1W4 HW due tomorrow  
Ch 12 will be finished together in class tomorrow
8/28 processing 8/31 
 Reading Log #4
Finish Final Draft 
 Challenge! Explain WHY the formula works for adding consecutive numbers. Ch 12 processing 8/31 
No AotW 
Ch 13 Reading Notes
Read Ch 14 
work on your study guide 
9/1  Complete Act 1 Unit 2 Vocabulary
 Q1W5 due Friday
Q1W3 and 4 quiz Thursday 
Q1W4 corrections due Wed 
Ch 15 reading notes 9/2 end of class
work on your study guide 
9/2  Complete Flash Cards Q1W4 corrections due tomorrow 
Ch 15 reading notes due at the end of class today
work on your study guide 
 Activity 2 Unit 2 Vocabulary
 Study for quiz tomorrow on Q1W3 and 4  
DGP Quiz Today
Reading Log 5 
 Q1W5 HW due tomorrow 
Unit 3 blurt cards should be complete
Judaism Test Today