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Date Literature Math  Science 
          Complete 10 Flash
Cards U7
Earth/Sun/Moon Test 4/2 
Pick a patch project 4/8 
4/1Finish All Flash Cards
Study for your Earth Moon Sun Test.
Use all 3 sets of notes and your test review sheet.  4/2
 4/2 Finish Close Reading Assignment Research your chosen patches for the Apollo, Gemini, Mercury PP project. 4/8  
 4/3 Reading Log #1 continue your research/save to your flash drive  
4/6 Complete Journal Entry Statistical and non-statistical questions worksheet left side 
Inner and Outer Planets Test 4/9
Planet Order Sentence and picture
Mission Patch research 4/7 
4/7 Complete Storyboard Range, Mean, Median and Range Worksheet Study for your test  
 4/8Vocabulary Activities #1-4 Statistics Word Problem Worksheet 
Wave's summary
Study for tomorrow's test 
 4/9Finish Close Reading Assignment 
Box Plot Worksheet
QUIZ on April 15th  
Quiz Today on the Inner and Outer Planets  
4/10  Complete Reading Log #2Study & Review for Quiz on April 15th No HW  
 4/13Complete Vocabulary Review 1-5 
No Math - Study for Quiz on Wednesday 
How we hear notes ?'s 4/14  
 4/14Complete Grammar Review WS 
 I'm Loving It Your Way
QUIZ tomorrow 
Study your wave notes and ear parts 4/15  
 Word Wall Word
Waves Quiz
Nature of sound 4/16
propertie of Sound 4/16
How you hear sound 4/17
Connecting Concepts 4/17 
4/16  Finish Close Reading  NONE
Space Race Power Point due 4/22
Work on your eye and ear games 
4/17 Finish Reading Log 3 
Oldest Person You've Known
Complete #1 
4/20 Complete 8 flash cards  
Make sure you have completed #1 on Oldest Person You've Known
 No HW 
4/21 Finish all flash cards Textbook page 262  #1-8    
colors of light and pigment 4/22
seeing light 4/23 
 4/22Work on Project 
 Textbook page 263 #11-18
complete the packet from today with your book 4/23   
 4/23 Close 
Reading Assignment
Text Pgs 256-257 #12, 13, 14, 19, and 21 QUIZ tomorrow 
 Gizmo Lab color 4/24
Games due 4/27 end of class 
4/24 Reading Log 4  NONE complete your games 4/27 Gizmo lab