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LiteratureMath Science Social Studies Composition 
30-JulGet Boot Camp Signed
Get Boot Camp Signed 
Get your syllabus signed 7/31 
 Get Boot Camp Signed
Get Boot Camp Signed
You are a social scientist who has discovered the object you drew in class today 20,000 years in the future. List 3-5 conclusions you might make about the objects owner. 7/31
Get Boot Camp Signed  
31-Julcomplete article of the week 1
period 1&2 pg. 24 (22-33) period 3 pg. 8 (6-17)

Log on to the textbook through
Make cards for your 6 key content terms.  Read chapter 1  due 8/1
Study parts of speech 
Period 1 & 2 Pg. 12 (9-16)
Period 3 Pg 16 (19-26) and Pg. 24 (22-27) 

complete your Ch. 1 section questions. 8/4
log on to the online textbook and read Ch. 2 8/4 

4-AugFind an Article
Period 1&2 Pg. 392 (15-38) 
Period 3 Pg. 12 (1-8)

Tool Building project Due 8/8
Search for items to build your tool
Make cards for your 4 key content words
Complete sections 2-3 in your Ch 2 packet 8/5

Study Parts of Speech
5-AugComplete Plot Diagram
Period 1 & 2
Integer Worksheet
Period 3
Pg. 12 (9-16)

Finish  building your tool
Complete all sections of the Ch 2 packet 8/6
Create your Super Hominid Poster  8/6
Study Parts of Speech
6-AugNo HW
Period 1 & 2
Integer Worksheet 2
Period 3
Long Division Worksheet

Practice your vocabulary words. Quiz 8/8
Complete your check up questions 8/7 
Get busy on your draft for your Hominid Tool Paper 8/8 :) 
complete verb ws 
Finish AotW#2 
Period 1 & 2 
Pg. 37 (1-20) 
Period 3
Finish Long division worksheet 

Study for vocab. quick quiz
Finish your tool paper 8/8 
 Study for grammar Quiz.  Use the notes I gave in class.
CompleteVT and VI worksheet 
8-Aug AotW#2 is Due    
Period 1 &2
Integer Worksheet 3
Period 3
Pg. 394 (15-38) 

Tool Building project due today. (completed tool and 1-2 pg. typed paper)grammar quiz  
RL#1 is Due
Complete Wanted Poster 
All classes pg. 29 problems 43-53 and create 5 word problems 8/12
Complete Ch 3 in your IN 8/12
Make cards for your Ch 3,4,&5 vocab. words 8/13 Vocabulary List
Complete Ch 5 preview 8/12 
Project Ch 4 Processing (1/2 poster size) 8/14 
No HW  
Properties worksheet

Complete your Rise of the Sumerian City-States questions 8/13
Complete vocab cards 8/13
Work on your 1/2 poster 8/14 
Grammar WS Linking  Verbs  
13-Aug Complete Rikki-tikki-tave HandoutCreate BLURT cards from vocab sheet

Finish your poster project. 8/14 Helping Verbs WS 
 14-AugComplete AotW#3
Study Vocab,
Pg. 30 (1-20)

Complete Ch 8 Interactive notebook sections 2-5  8/15
No HW 
is due 
Period 1 &2 
Pg. 52 (12-35)
Period 3

Chapter 8 postcard were completed in class. You do not need to do any other activity in Chapter 8. Complete your Egypt, Kush, Canaan, and Pharoahs questions. If you are finishing at home you only need to list the section where you found the answer. The answers can be found in Chapters 7 and 8. Complete SS Vocabulary ListNo Hw 
Reading Log #2 is due 
Complete Rikki-tikki-Tavi Plot Diagram 
Math Masters Due

Complete the chapter 9 preview and then read the chapter. 8/19No HW 
 19-ANo HW Pg. 56 (1-7)
Complete Chapter 9 section 9.2, your assigned section, and one other section. 8/20 Vocabulary quiz tomorrow!!!!  Early Humans and Ancient Egypt test Monday 8/25Complete Preposition ws 
20-Aug Writing Activity Prepositions   Pg. 64 (8-33)

Complete ALL of Chapter 9 except processing.  8/21

21-AugComplete Article of the Week #4No HW!!
Fix up your IN reading notes. See links above   
22-AugArticle of the Week #4 is duePg. SB9 all

Study for your test!!!!!! 
1. know your vocabulary
2. know these IN sections 2.2, 2.3, 2.6, 3.2,3.3,
4.2-4.5, 5.2, 8.3, 8.5, 8.6, 9.2, 9.5, 9.7 
3. be able to apply what you know 

 Reading Log #3 is Due
Finish 6 flash (prefix)
 Pg. SB 9 All
Ch 11 sections 11.2-11.4 and vocabulary cards
Get your quiz signed 
 26-AugComplete Direct Objects 
Period 2 and 1  Practice 2-3 Worksheet
Period 3 
Answer "Could you multiply the 2 by 6 before the 4 in 24x6?" Show me examples and why or why not.

  No HW  
 27-Aug Complete Graphic Organizer 
 Period 1 &2 Dominos
Period 3 NO HW 
Judaism questions 8/28
(about 15 min. will be given  in class tomorrow for completion)
 28-Aug Proof 
Reading Marks
 Period 1&2
Chocolate Milk
Period 3
 NO HW   
 Elements Test
Complete Classwork Vocab flash cards and activities 1 and 2 

*No Article of the Week this week
*Finish Proof-reading Marks WS  
 Pg. 68 (8-16) and Pg. 71 ( 7-15)  Chapter 15 sections 15.3-15.8 highlighted numbers only 9/3  
 3-SeptComplete Rough Draft Pg. 75 (8-17) and Pg. 79 (10-18)  
Chapter 16 sections 16.2-16.6  9/4
 16.7 will be completed in class tomorrow along with a directed review for the quiz. Make certain you know your chapter 15 & 16 vocabulary. SS complete vocabulary list Click on this link for the complete vocabulary list for 6th grade SS.
 4-Sept Complete Vocabulary WorkbookPg. 80 (1-20)  
Directed class review for the Hinduism/Buddhism Quiz. Practice the online challenge for chapter's 15 & 16
Review you Ch 15 & 16 vocab. to study  USE THE ONLINE GLOSSARY CARD TO STUDY :) 9/5
 *Vocabulary Test Unit1 
*DGP Quiz 
Typed Rough Draft is Homework 
Hinduism Buddhism Quiz Today
 Reading Log #5 is Du
Typed Rough Draft
 Algebra Practice Test 
Complete Ch 19 section 19.2-19.10 in class
Complete vocab. cards through Ch 25 by Friday
DO AT LEAST 10 words a night :) 
Get your Hinduism and Buddhism Quiz signed and returned by Wed. 9/10 
 9-SeptFinish Personal Narrative
 Study Suggestions:
Pg. 84-87
Pg. SB 9 
Pick out one of the 20 quotes for your poster Quotes  9/10
DO AT LEAST 10 vocab. words a night :)  
Personal Narrative Final Draft is due
Grammar HW 
 No HW 
Confucius poster/t-shirt due Mon. 9/15
Your Confucius poster should contain the quote, attribution to Confucius, and graphics that clearly explain what the quote means. 
Agenda Check Fri. 9/12 
Vocabulary Test Chapters 1-25 Wed. 9/17
DO AT LEAST 10 vocab. words a night :)   
 11-Sept Grammar Worksheet
Period 1 and 2
Enrichment wkst
Period 3
Rounding Practice Wkst 
 Study for your Vocabulary test on 9/17   
 One Pager
Reading Log #6 
 Period 1 &2
Chalkboard worksheet
Period 3 
Puzzle worksheet
Complete Ch 26 in your IN  9/15
Study for your chapters 1-25 vocabulary test 
 Reading Log #6 is Due
Find an article for AotW#6 
Complete Ch  25  sections 25.2-25.5 in your IN in class
Complete Ch 27 sections on Government and Economy if you do not finish them in class 9/16
IN check tomorrow ... make sure ALL assigned work in there is complete 
16-Sept Complete Flash-cards Unit #2   Study for your vocabulary test   
Grammar WS
Vocabulary acivities 1-3 
Chapters 1-25 vocabulary test today
Complete the online assessment for
Ch 25 9/18
Ch 26 9/18
Ch 27 9/19
Complete the online challenges for
Ch 25, 26, and 27 9/22 
 Complete Article of the Week #6
Finish Study Island 
Read Ch 29
19-Sept Complete RL#7   Read Ch 30 9/22  
 22-Sept   Ch 28 and 29 online assessment 9/23   
Ch 30 online assessment 9/24
Read Ch 31
Ch 31 online assessment 9/24
 Begin taking notes on your study guide for the Ancient Greek History Test on 9/30 
24-Sept    Wax Museum Date   
 26-Sept   Work on adding detail to your study guide. STUDY for Tuesday's test!   
 Vocabulary Test Unit 2
Works Cited Page is Due 
Ch 34 online challenge 9/30
complete Ch 33 in your IN 
 30-Sept   Ch 35 online challenge 10/1  
 1-Oct   Ch's 36 and 37 online challenge 10/2  
 2-Oct   Ch 38 online challenge 10/3