Endeavor Charter School

Endeavor Charter School

We Learn by Doing. -Aristotle

Date Literature Math  Science
1/5                    Complete Day 92                          
                                                               Q3W1 due Friday
write answers AND grid answers    
     complete your Com Lab ?'s 1/6
Complete What is a Scientist 1/6                                              

bring in check for $39.84 (last space camp payment + Project Voice) and permission form   
Safety with Spongebob 1/7
Safety Quiz 1/11 

1/7Flash Cards
Get contract signed 
Safety in the science lab 1/8
Safety in the lab comic 1/8 

1/8Reading Log #1 
Scientific method vocab. 1/13
observation notes ?'s 1/11 
 1/11 Find an ArticleQ3W1 due      
1/12 Work on Poetry Power-point 
Q3W2 due Friday
Q3W1 corrections due tomorrow 
Complete Poetry Power-point
Act 1 
Act 2 
 1/15 RL#2   
1/18 NO SCHOOL    
1/19  Vocab Activity #3
Q3W3 due Friday- write AND grid
Q3W2 corrections due today- seperate sheet, in pencil, work shown
 1/20 Word Wall Word   
 Vocabulary Act #4
Poetry Project was assigned.  See poetry tab on my website 
1/22 Reading Log #3    
 Vocabulary Act #4
Poetry Workshop in class 
Q3W4 due Friday- write AND grid
Q3W3 corrections due today- seperate sheet, in pencil, work shown

Inside Earth Vocab 1/26  
Milky Way Lab 1/26 
1/26   Earth's Magentic Field Summary 1/27  
1/27   Blocks 1,2- quiz corrections due tomorrow
Earth's Magentic Field 1/28
1/2 Suitcase 1/28
Core ?'s #1 1/28 
1/28 Poetry Workshop in class  
Core Question set 2 and 3 1/29
final suitcase 1/29 
1/29  Vocabulary Test Today Inside Earth Vocabulary Quiz Today!!!!  
Find an Article
Find a nonfiction book to read
 Q3W5 HW due Friday
write AND grid answers
Q3W4 corrections due tomorrow
separate sheet, pencil, work shown 
Tectonic palte lab 2/2
Plate tectonics checkpoints 2/3 
 02/02Complete Flash Cards Unit 7 Blocks 1 and 2 only: Fraction Multiplcation Quiz corrections due tomorrow   Plate tectonics checkpoint 2/3  
02/03  Work on Poetry
 Test Study Guide Due TOMORROW
Test next Tuesday on fractions 
Core/ Journey to the center of the Earth project 2/15
Start your mission patch due 2/5 
 02/04 Article of the Week #2 
finish your mission patch 2/5
work on your core project 2/15 
 02/05Reading Log #5 is due...It must be nonfiction  work on your core project 2/15  
02/08 Word Wall Word U7Study for Fractions Test Tomorrow 
Volcanic Art 2/9
Volcano key terms 2/9
You should have completed 1 of your 3 project parts by tonight  
 02/09 Poetry WSQ3W5 corrections due tomorrow   
02/10 Vocabulary Act 1  pick out your Day Of Math number outfit for Friday   
02/11  Article of the Week #3Wear clothing with numbers on it tomorrow and don't forget it's a half day! You should be finished with 2 of your 3 core project parts by tonight   
Poetry Project is due today