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1/6Complete Learner's Log Reflection    edmodo assignment and parental permission complete what is a scientist 1/7 
    1/7       No HW
pg.358 (1-4;8-12)
period 3
moving to percents wkst 
 safety in the science lab 1/8 
safety with spongebob 1/8
safety comic 1/8  
1/8 Complete Grammar Foldable 
 period 1&2 15 problems
period 3
percent wkst 
communication lab 1/9
vocab 1/9  
1/9 Complete Reading Log #1 
 period 1&
area and ratios 2 snapshot
period 3
ratio 2 snapshot 
 no hw 
vocab activity #1
find an article 
 period 1&2 
finish rough draft  1&2 
period 3
pg. 358 (1-4;8-12) 
complete your spongebob controls
and variables 1/13
1/13 No Hw
 period 1&2
3rd and final home draft
period 3
khanacademy 15 problems 
 spongebob controls and variables, and hypothesis study 1/14 
 1/14 Vocabulary Activity #2
 period 1&2
finish final home plans and link on edmodo
period 3
area and ratios 2 snapshot 
 no hw 
 Period 1&2
7 Problems of Doom
Period 3
Edmodo assignment 
Complete your Milk Lab write up 1/16
Bring in a tarnished penny 1/16  
 Period 1&2
"More Area" Wkst
Period 3
"Area" WKST 
Complete the Penny Lab 1/21
Get your quiz signed 1/20
Test next Friday on the scientific method and observations notes 1/23 
1/19  No School No School 
Vocabulary Activity #4 
Start Wednesday Foldable 
 period 1&2 
mMake the sale
period 3
rough draft 1&2  
Complete Scientific Method Review Sheets 1/21 
Complete Thumb War 1/21
1st and 3rd period complete Ruler Drop 1/22 
Test Friday on the scientific method and observations notes 1/23 
1/21 3 poems should be completed for poetry project 
 period 1&2
volume wkst
period 3
rough draft 3 and final 
Complete Earth's Interior PP NOTES summary 1/22
Inside Earth Vocab. 1/22
Test Friday on the scientific method and observations notes 1/23 
 Vocabulary Activity #5
 Wednesday Foldable 
 period 1&2 
SA review worksheet
period 3
final draft 
Earth's Interior Review 1/23
Earth's Magnetic Field  Notes summary ?'s 1/24
1/23  Reading Log #3 SA worksheet
Test Today
Earth's Magenetic Field Review 1/26 
 Find an Article
 Complete Your Word Wall Word U6
 Area ReviewComplete your Earth's Interior Foldable 1/28 Quiz on inside the Earth vocab. Wednesday 1/28  
1/27  Finish Verb Transitive and Intransitive Quiz NO HW Plate Techtonics Checkpoint Questions 1/28  
1/28 Book Fair Today  Practice Test
Vocabulary Quiz Today!!!!
Earthquakes and Seismic Waves ?'s 1/29 
1/29  Word Problem worksheet 
volcanoes and plate tectonics 1/29
volcano notes summary 1/29 
 1/30 Complete Wednesday FoldableArea and Perimeter worksheet 
volcanic art 2/2
volcano key terms 2/2  
 Find an Article
Complete Close Reading 
 Study Pg. 382-385
Study for Test on 2/4/15
Work on Webquest  
2/3  Complete Mood and Tone  NO HW
work on your webquest 2/6
study your eathquake and volcano notes for the test tomorrow  
 Bring all Poetry Materials
read pgs 36-45 in Earth's Changing Surface
complete the follow up question sheet 2/5 
 Test Today
Article of the Week 
 Charlie Brown
Soil Formation Notes
How Soil Form ? packet 2/6 
 DGP Quiz Today 
 Complete Study Island Poetry
Reading Log #5 
 Pg. 235 (1-39 odd +14, 32)
Webquest Presentations 
 2/9  Pg. 410 (1-17)
Soil Conservation ?'s 2/10
1/4 cup of soil from your yard in a baggie 
2/10  Nothing Gold Can Stay Hidden MessageComplete your soil comparison lab 2/12   
Complete your Eat Dirt Lab 2/12
Final Earthquake vs. volcano presentations
make -up labs
Plate Techtonics review  There will be a quiz tomorrow 
Poetry Test
Vocabulary Test 
 Math Master due
Plate Tectonics Quiz
Soil Formation Review 
2/16  No Reading Log or AotW Math MastersComplete your Study Island class assignments from today  
2/17 No School  Do you wanna build a snowman?SNOW DAY  
2/18 No School  Let it go!SNOW DAY  
 2/19Complete Study Island Assignment  Math Masters
Complete Study Island Earth, Moon, Sun assignment 2/20
Complete Study Island Soil & Soil Conservation assignments 2/23 
2/20  1st Book club is due today Snow Homework
Earth in Space and Gravity ?'s 2/23
Soil Test Monday 
 Grammar page 51 and 53 
  Page 45 questions 3/4 
 Grammar page 52 and 54
Complete Flash Cards 
Finish Sentence Diagrams
Complete Essay paragraphs 1-3 
 Moon Sonnet and Sun poem due  3/9 
3/6   Type your Moon Sonnet and add artwork  
 3/9  Work on your Webquest 1  
3/10   Webquest 2