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Academic Mentor Program (A.M.P.)


Every quarter, we receive requests from parents to offer tutoring, homework-help and assistance with organization/study skills.  Listed here are details outlining the launch of a new program designed to support these requests. 


Program Details:

  • AMP is a small-group academic tutoring, study-skills, and homework-help program.
  • The maximum student-to-Mentor ratio is 4:1.
  • Groups will run with a minimum number of two students enrolled in order to avoid a situation of 1:1 instruction, as per Board policy.
  • Students will be divided first by grade level, working toward groups of similar grades.  If response is strong and numbers warrant, students will then be separated into groups based on academic subject.  However, because Mentors will be working with individual students within the small-group setting, neither of these criteria will necessarily be strictly followed in order to form the groups.
  • Checks will be processed once an AMP Group is formed that meets the approval of all participants.
  • Students and Mentors will be asked to specify preferred subject areas of focus at the outset, but this “commitment” is meant to be flexible, depending on what is needed by the student week to week.
  • Mentors will be non-ECS staff members recruited from our ECS parent pool, substitute teachers or community that are experienced in the AMP group grade level and subject content being covered.
  • Mentors and parents will be encouraged to communicate with each other prior to the start of the quarter in order to determine a student’s needs and academic goals for AMP, from the parent’s point-of-view.
  • Students will also be asked to set academic goals for their own participation in AMP during the first meeting of the quarter.
  • A Mentor may contact a student’s teacher as an additional source of information, if necessary.
  • Students will be expected to arrive each week with homework to be done, a project in progress, or in need of extra help in a specific subject area.
  • Should a student arrive unprepared, with “nothing to do”, Mentors will assign a project designed to offer additional practice based on the subjects identified by the parent as an area needing extra support.
  • Mentors will move around the room, from student to student - assisting, guiding, explaining, and teaching - according to the needs of the students in the group on any given day.
  • Students will have the opportunity to work independently in a small-group academic setting, and to develop a relationship with another supportive adult from the Endeavor community.


Operational Details:

  • Groups will be offered Monday – Thursday, 3:45 – 4:45pm, from Weeks 2 – 9 of each quarter.  Fridays will be available for Group make-up time, but only in the event of a school holiday or teacher absence.
  • Parents are asked to contact the Mentor directly if a student will be absent.
  • Refunds, or partial refunds, will not be given due to student absence.
  • In the event of Mentor absence, parents will be contacted just as soon as we are aware of the situation.  Make-up time will be scheduled by the Mentor upon his/her return to school.
  • AMP Groups will meet in an ECS staff member's classrooms.

** Please include one check per child when registering for classes.

Ø       Student Fees:  $20/hour x 8 weeks = $160/quarter