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Frequently Asked Questions
Can you explain the admissions process?    
Endeavor Charter School admits students without regard to race, sex, disability, color, religion, nationality or ethnic origin.    Applications for the 2015-1016 school year will be available online beginning sometime each January and will close sometime each February. After submitting an application online, families will be assigned a lottery number and notified via email.  If a family does not have access to a computer or the internet, a paper copy of the application can be requested by calling 919-848-0333.  A lottery will be held each February to fill any available seats. Those students who are accepted into available seats will be notified and must turn in a birth certificate, proof of residence, and when applicable, legal paperwork showing custody prior to being offered a seat and receiving an intent form.   
How many openings do you have per grade?  What are my chances of acceptance? 
For general public applicants, Endeavor anticipates only having open seats in Kindergarten. All seats for rising 1st - 8th graders are currently filled. However, we will hold a lottery for all grades K-8, and wait lists will be established for all grades. If a space opens up in a grade level after our February lottery, we use the wait list to fill seats, using the enrollment priority/sibling lottery wait lists first. Per Endeavor's Admission Policy, the general public wait list will expire at noon on the 20th day of school and no additional seats will be offered to the general public. 

Do siblings of current students get priority? What if there are not enough seats for siblings?

Students of staff member, siblings and previously enrolled students get lottery priority. Enrollment priority is given to the following groups in the order listed:
1. Children of school's employees
2. Children on board members who have served for a minimum of six months
3. Siblings of currently enrolled students
4. Children of board members who have served for less than 6 months
5. Students previously enrolled at ECS in the past two years who left for an academic study abroad program, competitive admission residential program, or vocational opportunities of the student's parents
6. Siblings of ECS graduates who attended ECS for at least 4 years 
7. The general public 
I have twins.  How do I apply for them?

In accordance with North Carolina charter law, if multiple birth siblings apply for admissions and a lottery is needed, the charter school shall enter one surname into the lottery to represent all of the multiple birth siblings.  If that surname is selected, then all of the multiple birth siblings shall be admitted.  So, an application would be submitted for each individual sibling, but only one lottery number would be assigned to the multiple birth siblings.  In the event that a seat is available and the lottery number that represents multiple children is next on the wait list, all multiple birth siblings with that lottery number would be offered admission. 

Why do you require a proof of residency and a copy of the birth certificate?
Because a charter school is independent of any county or city and is funded by the state, students attending Endeavor Charter must live in the state of North Carolina.  In order to receive funding, proof of residency must be kept on file in each student’s permanent record.  In addition, we are required to keep a birth certificate on file for each student as proof of age.  Please note that kindergarten applicants must be 5 years old on or before August 31st of the current year to be eligible for K during that school year. Endeavor Charter School cannot accept testing for early entry, we offer K entry on birthdate alone. For grades 1 - 8, entry if offered based on successful completion of the previous school year.  
Do you need an official copy of the birth certificate?
We need a photocopy of the official document, but we do not need a certificate with a raised seal.
What can I use as a proof of residency?
The ONLY acceptable documentation is one of the following items: a signed lease agreement or offer to purchase agreement dated within 45 days of application, or a recently dated gas, water or electric bill, cable or internet bill, property tax bill, or a photocopy of the parent/legal guardian's driver's license. 
Can I schedule a tour of the school?

In order to minimize disruption to students and teachers during instructional time, we do not offer tours.  We will host an open house each January. During the open house, there will a brief information session and an opportunity to tour our building and classrooms and meet teachers and staff.  In the event that you are offered a seat at Endeavor, you will have the chance to schedule a small group tour before accepting or declining the seat. 

Do I need to register for the Open House?

No, you do not.  Please note that the information sessions are for parents and we highly recommend you leave children at home. Children who are accepted will have an opportunity to meet their teacher and visit their classroom before the school year begins.

Do I need to be present at the general lottery?

No, you do not. Although you are welcome to attend, please be aware that your attendance does not affect the outcome. We anticipate the lottery will take a minimum of 3-4 hours, after which time we will post the results online. 

I didn't attend the general lottery and I don't see my number online?  What happened?  Was my number pulled? 
Be assured that every single number was drawn during the public lottery.  Only those accepted and the first 20 on the wait list have been posted to the website.  Any numbers not listed on the site are after the 20th space on the wait list. If you have a specific question regarding your individual status on the wait list, please contact the school during regular business hours. 
Did you mix up the numbers before the drawing? 
Yes, the lottery numbers were mixed up and drawn at random.  Applicants were assigned lottery numbers in the order they were received, but that order had no bearing on the lottery results. Lottery numbers are printed, placed into buckets by grade level, and pulled at random from the bucket. All numbers are pulled. Once all available seats are filled, wait lists are established. 
Last Modified on January 6, 2015