Endeavor Charter School

Endeavor Charter School

We Learn by Doing. -Aristotle

Composition: Students learn how to form the letters properly, identify sounds in words, and the basic writing process of “Plan it, draw it, write it!”. Pictures, labels, and full sentences are developed as the children’s skills progress. The reasons why authors write and what they write is used to help students develop their own stories.
Literature: Students participate in read alouds, interactive reading activities, and the study of authors like Louis Elhert, Ezra Jack Keats, Mercer Mayer, Eric Carle, and Donald Crews. After mastering sounds and letters, students begin to read patterned and predictable text independently and answer basic questions on the characters, setting, and events from the story. Students are also introduced to different genres including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.
Math: Using a hands-on approach with manipulatives, students are introduced to key concepts like number representation, geometrical shapes, problem solving, calendar concepts, measurement, comparing and contrasting, and gathering and analyzing data. Mini-lessons, centers, and exploratory activities are used regularly to allow for differentiation amongst the group.

Science: Exploring different substances, animals, and the beginning stages of the scientific method are key in kindergarten. Observational drawings, group discussions, exploratory activities, and experiments are all used to help students satisfy their natural curiosity about the things around them.

Social Studies: Students explore the world around them by taking week-long journeys to different countries. There is an emphasis on what they may see/hear/smell/touch/taste in each country, as well as multiple comparisons between the countries and the children’s own lives.

 Art:Kindergarten visual arts classes at Endeavor strive for students to become visually expressive.  We begin with the basic elements of art; line, color, shape, and texture and explore each of these in depth through various art mediums including paint, clay, and collage.  Students at this level focus on personal experience and/or imagination, exploring a variety of media to develop their gross motor skills, learning to safely care for art materials, and exploring a wide variety of art forms and artists.  We also “travel around the world” to the countries the students study in Social studies and learn about art from those cultures.

Drama: ECS Kindergartners will discover what drama is and how it relates to their natural pretend play.  We will explore family life and follow the Kindergarten social studies curriculum through dramatized experiences. Students will learn to use creative movement, facial expression and vocal expression through creative dramatics. Major projects and events: learning about audience behavior through viewing a play put on by our older students, making and using hand puppets, learning to read and perform a script.

Kindergarten is the entry level for study in music.  Learning is primarily experiential and includes:  steady beat, basic rhythmic and melodic notation, singing, basic composition, and music from other cultures and historical eras.  Students use rhythm band instruments, Boomwhackers, and body percussion.