Endeavor Charter School

Endeavor Charter School

We Learn by Doing. -Aristotle

Writing: Through Writers Workshop, students will focus on narratives, persuasive, and expository writing. Examples of writing pieces are friendly letters, poetry, personal and imaginative narratives, as well as a focus on cursive writing and typing skills.
Reading: We will start off the year with a detailed study of what makes a story. This includes point of view, problem/solution, making connections, and predictions. Students will have an in depth study of the following genres: non-fiction, fables, fantasy and short stories.
Math: Students will enjoy learning the process in which numbers are multiplied and divided. They will be expected to know their multiplication facts 0-12 by the end of 2nd quarter. Other areas of math students will be introduced to as a basis for upper elementary math are time, fractions, and measurement.

Science: Students will be immersed in the adventures of the Argonauts Program (http://www.ncsu.edu/project/agronauts/home.htm). This will include detailed studies of the sun/moon/earth system, human body, soil, plants, and forces in motion, while doing hands on experiments within each “mission.”

Social Studies: We will begin the year with studying geography, and learning landforms. From there, we will begin a unit on roles of government leaders in the community and how they are chosen. Students will be participating in their own class elections, walking them through the entire election process. Third quarter, children will be creating and participating in our classroom economy while learning about needs/wants and scarcity. They will also learn about change over time. We will enjoy discussing the different branches of our government and learn who are leaders are in NC as well as in our country.  

Art: Visual arts classes in third grade promote self-discipline as the students take on more of the responsibility of sharing space, cleaning up materials, and using more advanced supplies.  Students at this level being to demonstrate ease in using a variety of media, develop space and balance in their work, and are able to differentiate between a landscape, portrait, and still life.  We look at the lives of artists from a variety of time periods and strive to integrate art projects with areas of the third grade curriculum including, fables, myths, measurement, calligraphy, plants, the human body, and the solar system.

Drama: ECS 3rd Graders continue to use actor skills as they develop interpersonal skills through many group projects. Students will create characters that they will use in both improvisational and scripted acting. Students will also learn stage directions and will apply them through acting in the role of the director. At the end of 3rd grade, students will be able identify the parts of a play script and will have written short plays. Students will also continue to develop a vocabulary of constructive criticism and will use it in their writing. Major projects and events include: group fantasy playwriting, examining other cultures through improvisation, creating characters, vocal interpretation, learning about audience behavior and examining performance techniques through viewing a performance.

Third grade music is cumulative and sequential to include learning from the previous grade level.  Students increase knowledge of different time signatures, musical forms and terminology.  Students compose music, use Boomwhackers,
rhythm band instruments, body percussion and xylophone.  Third graders learn additional famous composers throughout history.

Physical Education: In these developmental grade levels the students will learn, practice, and master the skills used in various sports and activities.  Each category will be broken down into specific lessons and activities the student will enjoy and participate in. 


·         Locomotor (taveling) skills

·         Throwing, catching, kicking (stationary and moving)

·         Chasing and fleeing

·         Striking with implements

·         Dribbling, shooting, passing