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Literature: Students will read and explore literary genres of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama through literature circles, independent novel study, and class discussion. Students will identify, analyze, and apply reading skills through a variety of activities. Required readings, such as Jaguar will help integrate the social studies curriculum.

Composition: Students will explore grammar, language usage, and mechanics. Students will learn to identify and use various parts of speech, pronouns, and phrases and clauses during daily practice. Students will be introduced to various types of writing and will learn the fundamentals of composition. Students will learn about the writing process and will utilize their skills in grammar and mechanics to both self-edit and peer-edit their compositions.

Math: Math classes will be grouped based on students needs, which is determined by assessments, teacher observations, and noticeable areas of strength for each individual student. Math will consist of various hands on learning experiences, with a strong focus on vocabulary that relates to each learning objective set forth by the state. Students will become comfortable asking questions and using their mistakes to becoming positive learning experiences. Major topics of study include: number operations, geometry, fractions, decimals, percents, measurement, algebra, and statistics.

Science: 6th grade science will be an exciting year. Students will study a variety of content including geology, soil, energy, ecology, and astronomy. Our astronomy unit will culminate with a field trip to Space Camp in Alabama.

Social Studies: 6th grade Social Studies spans from the dawn of man through the Renaissance. Students will investigate early man, the medieval world, the origins of world religions, and the Renaissance. Classroom activities will include dramatizations, document based questioning, hands on group and individual explorations, and many other activities.

Art: The emphasis for visual arts classes in sixth grade is on mastery in multiple forms of media, imagining and implementing images, applying the elements of art and principles of design to all assignments begin to use art as a means of communication and persuasion, and appreciating the purpose and function of visual art in various cultures and history. The sixth grade art curriculum is integrated with several areas of social studies which include, Greek/Roman Art and Renaissance Art.

Drama: ECS 6th Graders begin to recognize and define theatre as a collaborative art form understanding that it takes many roles, talents and abilities to produce a show. Students will examine early theatre history from the origins of drama to the Elizabethan period and will participate in different performance techniques from these time periods. These students will also continue with plot structure and playwriting techniques through adapting folk tales and fables for performance. The directing process, revising work based on constructive criticism, warm-up techniques and the physical acting will also be examined. Major Projects and Events: Greek gods and goddesses monologues, playwriting through adaptation, shadow puppetry, voice for the actor, organizational flow charts, analyzing, critiquing and presenting performances.

Music: Sixth grade music is cumulative and sequential to include learning from the previous grade level. In addition to studying terminology, melody, harmony, musical forms, and singing with proper technique, students will also study music history through the 1900’s. Music history will include award-show units written by students.