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Endeavor Pride Boosters Mission Statement
To create an middle school athletic program that encourages participation by all students.  Athletic participation is a vital part of education and development of each student.  Lessons will be learned in the intensity of practice and competition that will serve to extend  the students ability to interact with others.  Lessons of hard work, determination, and response to victory and defeat are all benefits and elements of athletic participation.


 At Endeavor athletic participation will be a privilege.  This privilege is given to students who display good citizenship and meet the academic requirements set forth by the school.  The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for physical, emotional and moral development.  The particular character traits emphasized are Lion Pride, courage, respect, humility, hard work, desire to excel and self sacrifice.  The Endeavor athletic program seeks to develop these traits while developing good physical fitness.

Our athletic director is Mr. Josh Burt

We could not operate our program without him!  Thanks Mr. Burt!


Last Modified on September 3, 2010