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ECS Vocabulary


the parent organization which oversees our competitive athletic programs in conjunction with the school athletic director

Café Days

a hot lunch option that allows parents to order student lunches from various vendors for a fee


Cognitively Guided Instruction – our problem solving approach to math word problems in which students are encouraged to find multiple ways to determine the answer to a problem


groupings of grade levels which operate in a similar manner: K-2 cluster, 3-5 cluster, 6-8 cluster


Daily Grammar Practice – a daily approach to grammar study which begins in January of first grade and continues through the eighth grade


Daily Reading Practice- a  daily reading skills review program used in various grade levels

Enrichment Program

before and after school, fee based opportunities for students

Fine Arts

drama, visual art, and music classes at Endeavor


the ECS parent organization tasked with owning and maintaining the physical home of ECS

Jungle Book

our student directory, issued each year to families who join PAWS

Lion Share

PAWS’ big annual fundraiser, donations requested, no selling involved!

Meet the Teacher

a time on the day before students begin each school year when families are able to come to school, learn their homeroom assignments, see their classrooms, and meet their new teachers

Morning Meeting

a time each school day for a homeroom class to meet and grow as a community

Curriculum Night

an evening during mid-first quarter when parents are invited to come and hear the teachers tell about the year in progress

Paw Print

the school newspaper created by PAWS and distributed by email once each month


Parents Active With Students, our PTA

Study Island

a computer based system for review of language arts and math concepts often assigned as homework at grades 2 through 8

Trash Free Lunch

packing a lunch in a lunchbox with reusable containers, cloth napkins, etc. and taking any trash to be disposed of off campus

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