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Ms. Brooks, Mrs. Bove, Ms. Larkin
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The Endeavor Charter School EC Department strives to use a mostly push-in program to serve the needs of students who have IEPs. Children are a part of their general education classroom for the majority of their instructional day. After concepts are taught within the core classes, children will then break off into smaller groups within the classroom to work on weaker areas or they will be pulled for more intensive small group instruction outside of the classroom. The key is to pursue a co-teaching environment within the general classroom so that students do not miss important instruction and they feel comfortable with the extra support of a special education teacher in the room.


Endeavor Charter School offers a challenging, multidisciplinary approach to learning and teaching. Children are expected to complete challenging projects in various subject areas on all grade-levels. The general education teachers at Endeavor offer a rich curriculum to our students. They are capable of challenging our students on their own through everyday instruction, projects, small group work, public speaking opportunities, and the use of technology (IE power point presentations). A tiny pull-out once per week for 40 minutes of “AG instruction” that traditional schools offer does not compare to the experiences all our students are a part of in their general classrooms at Endeavor everyday!

NOTE: If parents are concerned about their child’s academic success and/or behaviors within the general classroom and their child does not have an IEP in place, they should contact their child’s classroom teacher.


Literacy: – phonics


Graphic Organizers:


Several Subject Areas & Grades: - games for math, reading - writing, spelling, grammar, writing forms – spelling, history, science - sites for parents – all subjects/academic areas




Analogy Practice (for EOGs Gr. 6-8):