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Endeavor Fast Facts
Endeavor Fast Facts

Basic Information:

public charter school serving Wake County, NC

opened July 28, 2008

513 students in grades K-8

·         Hands-on, experiential learning
·         Fine Arts
·         Public Speaking
·         Service learning

Mission Statement:

Endeavor Charter School will nurture and inspire motivated students to push themselves beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary by providing a challenging curriculum that enhances traditional education with experiential opportunities.

Endeavor Charter School began as an idea of what a public school could be.  Three career public school teachers, Steve McAdams, Christi Whiteside, and Maija McAdams, wrote the charter application for Endeavor Charter School.  Along with a dedicated founding Board of Directors, they celebrated the approval of the charter in October of 2008.  Nine months of planning, working with the Department of Public Instruction, recruiting teachers, and speaking to families passed quickly. On July 28, 2008, Endeavor Charter School celebrated its first school day with a red carpet opening for 376 students.


Academically Gifted Students:

We have many students with a wide array of academic gifts.  However, we do not identify our students as “AG” or “academically gifted.”  In every way that we differentiate, offer leveled groupings, offer reading according to individual lexile level, pre-test and post-test, provide differentiated centers, offer individual conferencing, etc.,  we are serving students at their specific level.  This is key to our program.  

 Endeavor Charter School’s Core Values:


1.             We believe our school will be a total learning community for all stakeholders.


2.            We believe that all students can learn and deserve to be taught in ways that accentuate their strengths and address their areas of need.


3.            We value experiences between members of our community which empower, educate and unite.


4.            We believe our students achieve more when expectations are high.


5.            We believe our educators to be professionals and that they should be treated as such.
Hands On Learning:
At Endeavor Charter School, we define “hands-on, experiential” activities as those in which students are physically and mentally engaged in acquisition of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study through the use of a variety of materials, resources, ideas, and methods.  We value educational activities which prepare students for a life in the 21st century through critical thinking, analyzing and gaining a global perspective.  Our teachers seek activities based upon:

·        Discovery

·        Collaboration

·        Creation                              

·        Simulation

·        Investigation

Last Modified on September 30, 2015