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     ECS News - Weekly Update 12/15/18
    2019 Sponsorship Opportunities at ECS!  ECS has many ways that local businesses can become involved with Endeavor - from events, to banners, print materials and social media!  If you'd like to connect a business with ECS in 2019, please reach out to Lauren Manfreda for details.  lmanfreda@endeavorcharter.com
    We are planning a special event for 3rd quarter.  On that day, we will need lots of materials.  You'll hear more about this when we track back in, but as many of you are preparing for holidays, we hope you'll start collecting for us!  We need cardboard tubes - gift wrap, paper towel, toilet paper, etc.  Please save them for us and send then in once we track back in!  Thank you for your help!
    Photo Courtesy of Maureen Fink
    News from the Director
    Christi Whiteside, ECS Director

    How do we make decisions about schedule changes when extreme weather situations occur? 

    First, please know that our priority is always the safety of our staff and students.  We watch weather forecasts from multiple sources to best understand the weather situation before, during, and after the event.  We look to our local leaders and official weather statements for.... (cont'd on Director's Blog) 
    PAWS News   
    • Café Day Ordering is OPEN till midnight on 12/16! 
    • Lunch Blitz for 3r quarter starts 12/17! The first class to get to 100% by 12/21 will receive a popsicle party. Please help support ECS teachers in 2019 with lunch duty and recess covered. Please sign up HERE.
    • PAWS will announce on ECS Facebook page who wins the 11th spot or $50 gift card to Target on 12/21 for participating in the lunch duty raffle. Only a couple more days left so do not forget to drop your name in the box.
    • Café Days Needs Your Help! 3rd quarter Café Days is adding an additional day but we need your help to make it successful. Café Days will be adding Mellow Mushroom on Thursday. Please consider volunteering to help Café Days. Please sign up  HERE! If you would like more information, please contact Marina Adams at kit.marina.cafe@gmail.com.
    •  YEARBOOK HELP! Yearbook needs your help. If you would like to volunteer throughout the year to upload pictures to the yearbook software, please contact Natalie Newell at nnewell.natalie@gmail.com. This is a great way to help ECS yearbook in the comfort of your own home!
    • Next Terracyle is 1/10! Keep saving your trash for cash over the holiday season.
    • Relink Cards: Harris Teeter and Lowes Food need to be relinked EACH YEAR. Free money for our school just for shopping. 
    • Planet Green: Support ECS PAWS recycling program through Planet Recycle. Plant Green recycled ink cartridges have the same great quality as name brand cartridges, but up to 70% less. You'll also be helping your environment and ECS!  Please sign up for  the PLANET GREEN RECYCLE PROGRAM.
    • Space Camp Fundraiser: Need gift cards for the holiday? Need one sooner? Catch Shannon Eddleman in afternoon carpool between 2:45-3:15. Shannon will be selling $5 Starbucks cards along with Panera, Chipotle, Target and a few other popular options! Contact Shannon with questions at eddleman.shannon@gmail.com. Thank you for your support!
    • Spread the PAWSitive! Happy Holidays! Thank you for your support in 2018!

    Pride Athletics News

    Dates to Remember
    • Dec 21 - End of 2nd Quarter
    • Jan 8 - Quarter 3 Begins