Science (2nd Sem) 


    Social Studies (1st semester)


           -Tuesday week 16 DGP

    -finish compound sentence practice pg. 3

    -STUDY - vocabulary 21-25 test soon

    -Newsela article due by midnight Friday 

     Update INB: glue new notes, check table of contents, and make Unit title page         

       Lab Follow-Up

    Get Safety Rules Signed!                                     


     -Wednesday week 16 DGP

    -finish "Feminism" article and questions

    -finish compound sentence practice pg. 4 (if not finished in class)

    -STUDY - 21-25 vocabulary test on Friday

    -Newsela article due by midnight on Friday

    CC8: Color-coded parallel lines with transversal; finish angle WS

    M1: Arithmetic Sequence WS 

    Describing Matter worksheet

    (Quiz Friday) 


     -Thursday week 16 DGP

    -finish short story definitions if not finished in class (3rd period only)

    -STUDY - lessons 21-25 vocabulary test on Friday

    -Newsela article due by midnight Friday 1/12

    CC8: Practice WS (angles); angle maze WS

    M1: Study formulas for both sequences

     Study Describing Matter worksheet!  Quiz Friday    

     -Friday week 16 DGP

    -STUDY - 21-25 vocabulary test tomorrow

    -Newsela article due by midnight Friday 1/12

    CC8: Angle Practice (Color by #)

    M1: "vertical" clues only on Sequences crossword puzzle


     -Monday and Tuesday week 17 DGP

    -Newsela article due by midnight tonight

    -pick two short stories from your short story list and begin reading

    -pick a classic novel and begin reading


    CC8: Study for Quiz (angle relationships, including parallel lines cut by transversal)

    M1: Study for Quiz (arithmetic & geometric sequences)

    1/16      Pre-Lab (Chemical and Physical Change)