Endeavor Charter School

Endeavor Charter School

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  • Late orders and/or payments cannot and will not be accepted under any circumstance.

  • In the event of a student's illness, a parent or sibling can pick up the absent student's order from the Cafe Days volunteer. Please be aware orders are available only on the day of the original lunch time of the absent student. Refunds cannot be issued in these cases.

  • In the event of a school disruption (cancellation or early dismissal due to inclement weather, safety concerns, etc.), the Cafe Days committee will do whatever possible to serve ordered food (early dismissals only, if time allows) or issue credits to myFoodDays accounts. However, please understand there may be some instances in which our vendor has already been paid, and we will be unable to issue credits.

  • Order accordingly for field trip days and planned absences from school! Carefully check your student's calendar before ordering each quarter. Consideration of these absences when ordering falls on the responsibility of the parent, therefore refunds will not be issued in these cases.