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    Sixth Grade Math Test and Quiz  FYI

    Tests and Study Guides:  Students are given a study guide a week in advance of any test.  The study guide provides a list of concepts and skills that will be covered on the test.  Example problems for any test can be found in a student’s homework pages, Finish by Friday Problem Solvers problems, and example problems in the Warm Up and Journaling sections of their math binder.  I recommend that students keep their completed homework, graded Finish by Fridays, and graded quizzes in their binders until the end of the quarter so they can use them to study from.   If you and your student prefer, you can keep them at home to use for studying. 

    Students who earn less than 60% on a test (not a quiz) may take a retest to bring their score up to a 60%.  The retest is given during recess time about a week after the first test, so students can practice and get help before retesting.

    In math, Tests count for 45% of a student’s grade, Quizzes are 30%, Projects are 15% (this includes poems, public speaking and Finish by Friday), Homework and Classwork are 10%.