Picture of Experiential Learning

"We Learn by Doing."

  • The academic program at Endeavor Charter School is based on the premise that students "learn by doing". Our students learn the common core curriculum and the North Carolina Standard Course of Study through a wide variety of student-centered lessons. Teachers incorporate hands-on experiential learning, such as simulations, experiments, manipulatives and field trips, into their lessons to build high levels of understanding by our students. All grade levels focus on poetry and public speaking as an integral part of our program.  

    All grade levels are instructed in the four core subject areas of Math, English/Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. In addition, our students benefit from instruction in the fine arts: Visual Arts, Drama, Spanish and Music. We believe that participating in the arts enhances our educational opportunity and creates well-rounded successful students. While Physical Education is not a formal class at Endeavor, all students have a daily recess time during which there is an option of participating in structured physical activities.

Last Modified on January 17, 2019