ECS Elementary Social Studies

  • Endeavor Charter School was developed with the idea that students learn best by doing.  All grades at Endeavor Charter School follow the NC Essential Standards for Social Studies, which shift away from the mere memorization of names and dates and toward a study of the broader story of our world. In the early grades, students are taught to think like an explorer and ask probing questions. They also work on understanding chronological thinking.

    In kindergarten and first grade,s tudents are exposed to the foundational ideas behind citizenship, economics, change over time, and geography.

    Second graders begin to expand and apply those foundational concepts, conveying their ideas graphic organizers and writing.  At Endeavor, second graders take an imaginary trip through the regions of the United States as they explore these concepts, culminating their travels with a day of food, crafts, and fun for each region.

    Third graders continue the study of basic social studies concepts including ways people have impacted their development.  They also begin to consider the idea of history.

    In grade four students focus on North Carolina and begin to explore the traditional aspects of social studies: geography, government, culture, and economics looking at events from the past and present and seeking connections.

    Fifth graders continue to study those topics, but their geographic focus expands to the entire United States.

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    K-2 Essential Standards

    3-5 Essential Standards