Middle School Social Studies

  • Endeavor Charter School was developed with the idea that students learn best by doing. All grades at Endeavor Charter School follow the NC Essential Standards for Social Studies, which shift away from the mere memorization of names and dates and toward a study of the broader story of our world.  Through the sixth and seventh grades, students study world history from the beginning of time to near the present day focusing particularly on the role that geography played on historic events.  In the eighth grade, students return their focus to North Carolina and its role in significant moments in US history.  Social studies classes at Endeavor incorporate a significant amount of reading and writing as students are expected to infer meaning and develop thoughts in writing. Public speaking and performances can also be a part of the social studies curriculum.  It is important that students leave Endeavor ready to recall facts but also confident and able to speak, ask questions, and make inferences using those facts.

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    Grade 6 Essential Standards

    Grade 7 Essential Standards

    Grade 8 Essential Standards