Application Period

Prospective Students


    General Public Students

    New students must apply for admission every year. Families should complete one application for each child. Non multiple-birth siblings may not be placed on the same lottery number. Multiple-birth siblings (twins/triplets/etc) can be placed on the same lottery number; however, a separate application still must be completed for each twin/triplet/etc. 

    The application may be completed online or on paper. The link to the online application can be found on the "General Public Application" page of Admissions section on the Endeavor website. Should a family prefer to complete a paper application, they may find a copy on the "General Public Application" page or by requesting a paper copy directly from the school.

    The "General Public Application" page will only be visible when the application period is open (please see calendar of events for specific dates).

    Applications received after the General Public Application Period ends will be added to the end of the established wait lists.

Current Students

  • Current Students

    Current students do not need to reapply year to year.  If families of current students have siblings or other children who qualify for priority enrollment, they should apply during the Sibling Priority Application Period.

Admissions and Lottery Policies

  • Calendar of Events

    Click here to view the Admissions Calendar of Events. 

    Before You Apply

    Endeavor is a tuition-free, public school supported by the state of North Carolina.

    Endeavor admits any students residing in North Carolina regardless of race, origin, religion, ethnicity, gender, ancestry, disability or academic ability (GS 115C.238.29F(g)(1-7)).

    Admission to any North Carolina charter school, including Endeavor, is by lottery.

    Endeavor applicants must be eligible to enroll in grades K-8 for the applicable school year. For students wishing to apply to kindergarten, this means applicants turn 5 no later than August 31 of the year they wish to start kindergarten. For students wishing to apply for grades 1-8, this means they must currently be enrolled in the grade prior to the one for which they would like to apply, and, in addition, should be on schedule to pass that grade. 


    Lottery Process and Reminders

    Families must submit one application for each child.

    After an application is submitted, each child will be assigned a lottery number, which sent to the family via email.

    Twins, triplets and other multiple-birth siblings will be assigned one lottery number, but a separate application must still be completed for each child. They will either all be accepted or all be wait listed.

    Non multiple-birth children will be assigned different lottery numbers.  If one sibling is admitted, it does not guarantee or improve the wait list position of other wait listed siblings during the current school year.

    The lottery is open to the public, but families do not have to be present to be admitted.

    Accepted families will be notified via email no later than the day following the lottery and will be provided an admission package for consideration.

    Accepted families will be offered a tour after the lottery, and must accept or decline the seat and turn in the completed admission packet by the stated deadline in order to secure the seat.

    Endeavor considers a lack of response a declination of the seat.

    Declined seats are offered to the next child on the wait list via email.

    Students who are not accepted on lottery day will all be wait listed.

    Wait listed families will not be notified of being wait listed. Families should check the website or contact the school for specific wait list placement. 

    Wait listed applicants offered a seat after Endeavor’s 3rd quarter ends, but prior to July 1st  will have at least 4 days to accept or decline the seat.

    Wait listed applicants offered a seat after July 1st will have 48 hours to accept or decline the seats.

    Endeavor Charter School will discard the wait list and stop admitting students from the general public at noon on the 20th day of the school year.

    Endeavor Charter School will continue to admit Sibling Priority wait listed students through the last day of the school year.