• First Grade Supply List


              Please place all items in a bag labeled with your child's name and bring it to our First Grade Meet the Teacher in July.                   All items will be shared within the classroom so please do not write your child's name on any of the items. THANKS! 

    (2) 24 count pack Crayola crayons
    1 blue, plastic, 2 pocket/no prongs folder
    1 red, plastic, 3 pronged folder (with or without pockets) 
    1 black wide ruled composition notebook
    1 blue wide ruled composition notebook
    1 wide ruled composition notebook - color of your choice
    1 black, 1 inch, three-ringed binder with a clear view cover 
    6 Elmers glue sticks 


      BOYS - 12 pack Ticonderoga pre-sharpened pencils
                   1 pack thin dry erase markers (low odor if possible)
                          Clorox Wipes (for Fine Arts) 
      GIRLS – 1 pack Crayola markers
                    1 pack thick dry erase markers (low odor if possible) 
                         1 pack of pencils (for Fine Arts)

    Please send in the child-sized headphones or ear buds that your child used in kindergarten.           (Please write your child's name on these)


    Please make checks out to Endeavor Charter School for - TBD

    to cover the following supplies that were purchased by ECS. The total for these items will be available
    at Meet the Teacher and can be paid for via cash, check, or online:
    Scholastic News magazines - $6.84
    Daily Grammar Practice Workbooks - $5.39
    Handwriting Without Tears workbooks - $10.12
    Agendas - $3.81