• Partnership Opportunities at Endeavor

    Endeavor Charter School's educational philosophy is “We Learn By Doing”, so the more we can engage our students with a variety of business resources, the more they will understand the impact of service, teamwork, commitment and community.

    Student/Teacher Mentors – Provide professional expertise in your field for our teachers, students or staff.  Examples include offering feedback for projects, presentations or competitions, coaching or sharing knowledge in your area of expertise. 

    Guest Speaker – Share information about your career or business field with students in a compelling manner. 

    Supporting Partner – Offer discounts or proceeds from sales to Endeavor Charter School families.

    Resource Donor/Supplier – Share or donate resources from your business.  Examples include software, supplies, equipment, hosting fundraising events, etc.

    Field Trip Host – Students from an appropriate grade level would visit your place of business to learn and experience that environment.  This can also be a virtual field trip

    Community Service Host – Accompany our students on a community service project, such as cleaning up surrounding areas or transporting donations to local organizations.  Or send members of your business team to paint a classroom, improve school grounds, etc.

    Staff Development Host – Offer your company’s expertise in management, health, finance or technology to enrich our staff meeting or teacher work day with a presentation.