• All instruments, even the most well cared for instruments will need a tune up or repair by a qualified instrument repair technician from time to time.  When your child's instrument is in need of repair, it is important that you act QUICKLY.  Every band day that your student is without a working instrument is a day of missed instruction.

    When you take your child's instrument to the repair shop, you can expect the repair to take anywhere from 1-10 days depending on the repair.  Instrument repair technicians offer free estimates before they actually repair the instrument.  Some stores are able to provide your child with a "loaner" instrument while your instrument is being repaired.  (Music and Arts, Falls River Music) When you take your student's instrument in for repair ALWAYS KEEP YOUR MOUTHPIECE.

    Families who currently rent an instrument from Music & Arts may have a maintenance plan as part of your rental contract.  If this is the case, repairs and routine maintenance on your child's instrument are performed FREE of charge.  

    Here is a list of reliable repair technicians in the area:


    Music and Arts

    5950 Poyner Village Pkwy F101

    Raleigh, NC, 27616




    Flying Squirrel Music-(Woodwind Repair)

    2828 Capital Blvd

    Raleigh, NC, 27604




    Mike Moorse Instrument Repair- (Brass Repair)

    Durham, NC

    919-624-1632- Call for an Appointment



    Sweeney Brass-(Brass Repair)

    Raleigh, NC

    919-617-6340- Call for an Appointment