• Yay! You have signed up for band but now you need an instrument. To be successful all students need a quality instrument that is in good working order. Even the most dedicated band student can have limited success if they are using a poor quality or broken instrument. 

    In beginning band, I strongly recommend renting rather than purchasing an instrument. Instrument rental programs offer the flexibility as students begin to learn an instrument and find what is best for them. With a rental program students can switch instruments and any payments made to the first instrument will be applied to the new instrument. Once you know that your child is dedicated to their instrument and that it is a good fit, feel free to purchase one. 


    There are a number of music stores in the area that have instrument rental programs. Most ECS band students rent from Music and Arts https://stores.musicarts.com/triangle-town.  Falls River Music also has instument rentals. The sales representatives at both stores are informed about which instrument brands, as well as the band method books and instrument accessories are needed for band at ECS. 

    If you prefer to obtain an instrument for your child somewhere other than Music & Arts or Falls River Music, please consider one of the brands listed below:

    FLUTE - Yamaha, Armstrong, Gemeinhardt
    CLARINET - Yamaha, Buffet, Selmer

    SAXOPHONE-Yamaha, Jupiter Capital Edition
    TRUMPET - Bach, Yamaha, Jupiter Capital Edition, King
    TROMBONE - Bach, Yamaha, Jupiter Capital Edition, King

    PERCUSSION KIT- Pearl, Ludwig, Yamaha, Vic Firth