• The week of November 13-17, 2017 our students were able to participate in a school wide residency. Our visiting artist was Jeannette Brossart from Durham, NC. This year is a big one for us as we celebrate 10 years of Excellence at Endeavor Charter. She taught the kindergartens about Roman numerals 1-10 and making predictions,they placed the X's (represent the number 10) on the mural, 1st grade worked on reading graphed designs for letter and numbers,  2nd grade worked on the textured sun and the handmade textured tiles, 3rd grade worked on the colored stained tumbled glass pieces in the flag, 4th grade placed the positivity words and clay stamped tiles, 5the & 6th grade worked on the icons and the 7th-8th grade worked on cutting tiles with nippers and safety glasses were used. They also did the blue gradient background.

    The mural was designed based off what makes our school so unique and successful.  Other than the mounting and grouting, this project was 100% Endeavor student's work.  When you get a chance please check out this beautiful new addition to our building. The mural is located at the front door of the school. 

    You will also see words from the new positivity program that was implemented this year. Thank you to our students for their all their hard work and to all volunteers, and staff.  A big Thankyou to PAWS for this special gift.
    The featured icons are:
    Magnifying glass
    Art Palette
    Comedy mask
    Compass (charter symbol)
    Music note 
    Test tube (science)