2022 Cafe Days

  • my hot lunch box

    In 2022, ECS will partner with My Hot Lunchbox for Cafe Days on a trial basis. 

    What is changing:

    • New website to order food

    • Parents can edit, add or cancel an order 72 hours in advance of the food delivery. (So Monday's food can be changed by 12pm Friday, Tuesday's by 12pm Saturday, and so on.)

    • Canceled orders will result in a credit to your account.

    • Parents can also gift a lunch (credit) to someone else

    • More menu items from our current vendors

     What is not changing:

    • The online order experience will be similar

    • Lunch Duty volunteers and Teachers will continue to hand out the lunches

    • Any issues with orders received by a student during lunch should still be immediately directed to the onsite Café Days team for solutioning. MHL requires notification from the Café Days team of any issues within one hourof delivery so it is important that students speak up if an order is not right.

    Order your child(ren)'s lunches starting December 13, 2021. 

    Link to My Hot Lunch Box to set up an account: https://ordernow.myhotlunchbox.com/sign-up 

    Link to Parent Frequently Asked Questions

    Link to Setting up an Account

    Link to introduction for My Hot Lunch Box

Last Modified on January 26, 2022