7th grade
    Hi and welcome to the year in social studies! The 7th grade curriculum includes learning about the world from Columbus's "discovery" of the New World all the way through present day! The main concepts we'll be covering are listed below:
    • 3rd Quarter
    • 5 "Themes" of Geography
    • Renaissance and Reformation
    • Enlightenment and Revolution


    • 4th Quarter
    • Industrial Revolution
    • "Bang, Boom, Bust" (Civil War - WWII)
    • Cold War and beyond (up to present day)


    8th grade
    Hello again and welcome to the year of 8th grade social studies! The 8th grade curriculum is the study of North Carolina from the American Revolution through present day. Our focus will be on North Carolina's involvement with major events through history. 
    1st Quarter
    • The "Regulators" of NC and the start of the American Revolution
    • Comparing the NC and the US Constitutions
    • Industrial Revolution, the Antebellum South and Civil War
    • The "Great War" (WW I)
    2nd Quarter
    • Prohibition, the roaring 20's and NASCAR
    • FDR and the New Deal
    • World War II
    • Cold War, Civil Rights and Vietnam
    • North Carolina in the present day
    It's going to be a great year here at Endeavor. Hope to see you throughout the year at our different activities!!

    8th grade science will prove to be a very challenging and engaging class second semester this year! We will be delving into a variety of different sciences and exploring topics that have intrigued and baffled scientists for many years. As we expand our scientific knowledge, we will also continue  to develop our science process skills in preparation for the EOG and high school.  I hope to plan a field trip to a local wetland center in the spring and to a science lab in RTP.  We are going to have a great semester!


    Key Topics Covered:
    Safety and Lab Procedures         Populations and the Environment
    Chemistry                                  Evolution of Land and Life
     Diseases/Biotechnology              Natural Resources
     Hydrosphere/                            Inquiry