• Clarification on End of Year & Planning for Next YEar

    Posted by Lauren Manfreda on 5/24/2020 12:45:00 PM

    Dear ECS families,

    We’ve received some clarifying instructions from the Department of Public Instruction as they work with schools throughout the state on closing this unprecedented school year.  ECS was able to transition to remote instruction quickly, but many large school systems were not.  To ensure that schools make the most of all instructional time this year, DPI has provided direction that schools should continue providing learning opportunities through the end of the scheduled school year. To comply with that requirement, we need to modify our decision to end the school year early.  

    Although we will not provide instruction on any new material after next week, ECS will provide a three hour activity for each school day June 1-12.  We will not take attendance or grades on these days as per DPI’s guidance, but these activities will allow us to continue offering instructional, enriching activities for our students in a different, fun way as the year ends.Typically, the end of each school consists of testing and fun days to wrap up each class’s time together.  So, this will be our remote instruction way to continue some of those traditions. A range of interesting activities will be created by each grade level team, our fine arts teachers, our EC teachers, our office staff, and Mr Burt. A particular activity will be recommended for each day. But there will also be a selection of additional activities for families who’d like an extra challenge or who would prefer a different task.  We hope that some families may even choose to continue these activities after our scheduled last day of school.  Information will come out late next week about how to access the activities.

    As we look toward next year, we have more questions than answers right now. We are working on adjusting our calendar to transition five teacher workdays into remote instruction days as per the new state law. We are also looking at options for starting our school year. We’ve seen Wake County’s plan to extend each school day by a few minutes, and we’ve seen some  of our local universities plan an early start and an extended winter break in anticipation of a winter virus resurgence.  We currently have seven different plans for reopening ECS starting with reopening on-schedule (with social distancing measures in place), going to the extreme option of reopening still in full remote instruction, and five options in between.  However, we’ve made the decision that there are too many unknowns to change our opening plans right now.  Our Board of Directors and administration are working with the Department of Public Instruction, the State Board of Education, and many other state agencies to plan a safe return to campus.  While we want nothing more than normal, the health and safety of our students and staff will be the determining factor.  We will keep our community updated as we have something more concrete to report.  

    Christi Whiteside, MSA
    Endeavor Charter School
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  • Important Grading and End of Year Info

    Posted by Christi Whiteside on 5/15/2020 12:30:00 PM
    Endeavor Families,


    There is a lot going on in our ECS community!  Please read the information below regarding the grading policies enacted by the state.  In addition, we’ve provided information and dates for special events for the remainder of this school year.  
    NC Grading Policy
    On April 23, the NC State Board of Education approved a policy establishing new end of year grading requirements for public schools in light of the impacts of Covid 19. Schools across the state have responded differently and in differing time frames to the Governor’s stay at home order and transition to remote learning. Families and students have been able to manage at-home curriculum in different ways.  At Endeavor, we made the decision to continue to offer new content to students and to continue to grade this content to provide families feedback on student progress.  However, we also recognize that this has not been a typical quarter, and we support the state’s efforts to recognize these challenges within student grades. I’ve outlined our plans for final grades below.
    For more information about the North Carolina Covid 19 Grading Policy, please go to https://www.dpi.nc.gov/news/press-releases/2020/04/23/state-board-approves-year-end-grading-policy-other-covid-19-related-measures 
    ECS Specific Grading Information
    Grade K-2: Parents will each receive a report similar to the one provided for Quarter 3. Students will not receive a final grade for the year.  
    The final report will be emailed to parents during the June teacher workdays and will contain the following: 
    • a description of topics taught virtually during quarter 4
    • a few comments about each student’s academic strengths and area(s) of improvement and a few comments about each student’s social, emotional and/or behavioral skills
    • no fourth quarter or final grade will be provided for fine arts classes 
    Grade 3-5: Parents will have access to report cards on Powerschool after 4pm on June 5th. Students will receive a numeric average for their work in core courses and fine arts/elective courses in quarter 4; however, they will not receive a numeric average for the year.  Instead, all students will receive a NG19 (no grade due to Covid 19) as their final grade. The state legislature has waived End of Grade test requirements and third grade Read to Achieve requirements for the 2019-2020 school year.  
    Comments available in Powerschool will include:
    • a description of topics taught virtually during quarter 4
    • a few comments about each student’s academic strengths and area(s) of improvement and a few comments about each student’s social, emotional and/or behavioral skills
    Grade 6-8:  Parents will have access to report cards on Powerschool after 4pm on June 5th. Students will receive a numeric average for their work in core courses and fine arts/elective courses in quarter 4; however, they will not receive a numeric average for the year.  Instead, all students will receive a PC19 (passing during Covid 19) or WC19 (withdrawn during Covid 19) as their final grade.  The state legislature has waived End of Grade test requirements. 
    Comments available in Powerschool will include:
    • a description of topics taught virtually during quarter 4
    • a few comments about the student’s academic strengths and area(s) of improvement and a few comments about the student’s social, emotional and/or behavioral skills
    We recognize the extraordinary efforts that our teachers and families have gone to in supporting our students’ growth during this time of remote learning. 
    Special Events!
    We have many events planned as we end our 2019-2020 school year.  There are three main types of events you’ll want to be sure to note:
    • Moving Up:  Each grade K-7 has been scheduled for a Zoom meeting to meet next year’s teachers, see their new classrooms, and get excited about the year to come.  As we end our year under such unusual circumstances, we want to be sure all students are looking ahead!
    • Sports Awards Ceremonies:  Each team from the 2019-2020 school year will have a designated Zoom meeting to celebrate their year together.  Times are listed below.
    • Drive Through Celebrations: Each grade level K-8 will be provided a time to do a drive through parade to end their year.  During the designated hour, the teachers for that grade level will be on the sidewalk to wave goodbye to their students.  Families will drive through our carpool loop to the front sidewalk.  Please note the following details:
      • Our staff will be wearing masks and gloves for the safety of all as well as to get our students used to seeing us in masks in case we need to do so next year.  
      • During this time we will be collecting materials your family has borrowed from ECS including devices for remote learning, books, white boards, sports uniforms, etc.  Prior to June 1, each family will be emailed a list of items we need to have returned.  Please place all items you need to return in a bag so we can gather them easily and quickly from your car. 
      • We will also be returning items to your family including items left in the classrooms, yearbooks you’ve ordered, spring sports shirts, etc. The materials to be returned to each family will all be returned to the first child in your family who attends a Drive Through Celebration.
      • No one will be allowed to exit their car during this time even to use the restroom, etc.  For the safety of our staff we will not allow any exceptions to this rule.
      • Our campus will be decorated during this time in honor of our 8th grade graduates.  Their families are encouraged to decorate their cars and make this a replacement for our traditional 8th Grade Walk.  
    Mark your calendars!

    May 18-22: student instruction and assessment continue 
    May 25: Memorial Day holiday - no school
    May 26-29: student instruction and assessment continue
    May 26: math placement for students rising into grades 6-8 will have been emailed by this date
    May 29: final day of student instruction and assessment
    June 1: Teacher Workday
    • 7th graders Moving Up to 8th grade,  Zoom 9:30-10:00 (invitation will be emailed)
    • 8th Grade Drive Through Celebration 11-12:00 
    June 2: Teacher Workday
    • Kindergarten Drive Through Celebration 11-12:00 
    June 3: Teacher Workday
    • Kindergarteners Moving Up to 1st grade Zoom 9:30-10:00 (invitation will be emailed)
    • 1st grade Drive Through Celebration  11-12:00 
    June 4: Teacher Workday
    • 1st graders Moving Up to 2nd grade Zoom 9:30-10:00 (invitation will be emailed)
    • 2nd Grade Drive Through Celebration 11-12:00 
    June 5: Teacher Workday     
    • 2nd graders Moving Up to 3rd grade Zoom 9:30-10:00 (invitation will be emailed)
    • 3rd Grade Drive Through Celebration 11-12:00 
    • Powerschool report cards open to parents after 4:00
    June 8: Teacher Workday
    • 3rd graders Moving Up to 4th grade Zoom 9:30-10:00 (invitation will be emailed)
    • 4th Grade Drive Through Celebration 11-12:00  
    June 9: Teacher Workday
    • 4th graders Moving Up to 5th grade Zoom 9:30-10:00 (invitation will be emailed)
    • 5th Grade Drive Through Celebration 11-12:00 
    June 10: Teacher Workday
    • 5th graders Moving Up to 6th grade Zoom 9:30-10:00 (invitation will be emailed)
    • 6th Grade Drive Through Celebration 11-12:00 
    • 8th Grade Graduation 8:00-9:30 (details coming soon)
    June 11: Teacher Workday
    • 6th graders Moving Up to 7th grade Zoom 9:30-10:00 (invitation will be emailed)
    • 7th Grade Drive Through Celebration 11-12:00 
    • 8th Grade Graduation Rain Date
    June 12: Teacher Workday
    • Official End of the 2019-2020 school year
    Thank you for your continued support.

    Christi Whiteside, MSA
    Director, Endeavor Charter School
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  • REVISED End of Year Schedule

    Posted by Christi Whiteside on 5/8/2020 3:40:00 PM
    Endeavor Families,
    We are so pleased with the quantity and level of school work you have supported your students in completing this spring.  You have stepped up as our instructional eyes, ears and hands.  Due to the amazing ability of our staff and your tireless support, our students transitioned to remote learning without missing a beat.  Together, we were able to move through the end of third quarter and into fourth quarter providing new content and maintaining student learning.  


    Despite all of this collaboration, we know that our teachers will need to begin next year ready to adjust their instructional plans after this time of remote learning.  There will need to be new ways to assess student readiness and new ways to review content from this spring as students transition back into traditional classroom expectations. 
    Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to end student instruction for the 2019-2020 school year on May 29, 2020.  This will allow us time to complete our current units of study.  This change will also allow our teachers to have 10 days of workdays in June to finalize this school year and to plan for next year's academic success, and it will also allow us to use the back-to-school workdays in July to focus on the logistical changes we may have to make in light of COVID 19.  We recognize that those workdays may be focused on implementing new cleaning and distancing expectations.  We know that we will have many hurdles ahead of us, and we will monitor the Governor's orders and health department guidance throughout the summer to ensure our July 29th start date is safe for our students and staff.
    As our year ends, we will still hold some end of year fun virtual events for our students to enjoy.  Stay tuned for more details!  
    • Our students will still get to "Move Up" and meet next year's teachers during the teacher workdays in June.  Information about Zoom meeting times will come from each grade level.
    • Each grade level will also be able to pick up items and return items to ECS during their assigned Drive Through Celebration from 11:00-12:00 on the date assigned below.  
      • During this time, each grade level can drive through the carpool line.  
      • At the sidewalk, the grade level teachers will be available to wave and say goodbye.  
      • No one will be allowed to exit their vehicle due to social distancing, and cars must exit campus once they've left the sidewalk.  
      • Feel free to decorate your car to add to the celebration!  
      • The first child in each family to return to campus for this drive through event will be given a bag of materials to return to all the children in the family such as art work, headphones, yearbooks, etc. 
      • Prior to the Drive Through Celebrations, each family will be informed if there are items that were loaned out such as library books, devices, etc. which need to be returned to ECS. 
    • For our athletes, each 2019-2020 team will have a Zoom meeting during the last week of May.  Awards will be announced in those meetings and will be presented to students in grades 6 and 7 at their drive through celebration.  Athletes in grade 8 will be presented their awards at graduation.  The JBurt Award, which is always presented to an 8th grade student, will be announced at graduation. 
    • For our 8th grade families, we are nearing a plan to celebrate you and hope to be ready to share details next week. We will celebrate your graduation together!  Please note that the graduation date is yet to be determined due to our need to find a creative solution!  We hope to have a final plan by next week!
    REVISED End of Year Dates
    May 29: End of Q4 and Digital Learning
    June 1: Teacher Workday, 8th Grade Drive Through Celebration 
    June 2: Teacher Workday, Kindergarten Drive Through Celebration 
    June 3: Teacher Workday, First grade Drive Through Celebration 
    June 4: Teacher Workday, Second Grade Drive Through Celebration
    June 5: Teacher Workday, Third Grade Drive Through Celebration
    June 8: Teacher Workday, Fourth Grade Drive Through Celebration
    June 9: Teacher Workday, Fifth Grade Drive Through Celebration 
    June 10: Teacher Workday, SIxth Grade Drive Through Celebration
    June 11: Teacher Workday, Seventh Grade Drive Through Celebration 
    June 12: Teacher Workday, Official End of the 2019-2020 school year
    Thank you for your continued support of ECS.

    Christi Whiteside, MSA
    Director, Endeavor Charter School
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  • Special Video Message to Parents & Students

    Posted by Christi Whiteside on 5/3/2020 8:40:00 PM

    To View Mrs. Whiteside's Video Message, please click the following link:


    Transcript of the video follows:


    We are making good progress in our state and that is due to the diligence our community has been showing in following the social distancing guidelines. Thank you and keep up the good work.  Thank you to those parents in our community who are working in medical sites or in other essential industries.  We appreciate all that you are doing! Thanks also to all of you for your efforts in keeping your students focused on school.  As the world begins to open back up, we recognize that this will become more and more difficult.  However, we encourage you to establish routines and stick with them all the way until June.  The more your students have a vision of what each day will hold, the easier it will be for them to stay the course.  Our students will be learning through this new virtual environment for more than 25% of this school year, so it is imperative that they continue to focus and complete work to the best of their ability.  Please continue to check on assignments and schedules just as you would do in a normal school situation.  Please continue to encourage your students to do their best work and ask for help when they need it.  As we enter teacher appreciation week next week, please take a moment to let your students’ homeroom, fine arts, special education, and elective teachers know how much you appreciate them.  And on behalf of our talented staff, let me be the first to honor you for teacher appreciation.  You did not ask to become your child’s teacher, but you are providing such essential support for your child’s learning, so I want to honor and thank you, our at-home, parent teachers for the teaching you are doing right now.  Happy Teacher Appreciation week!

    At this time, I’d like to direct some comments to our students.  Please find a time to share this with them.


    I miss you!  The teachers and I miss seeing you and talking to you and watching you learn.  The teachers love seeing you in your class meetings.  We are very proud of the work you are doing.  I know that having school at home is hard.  There are other things you want to do.  It’s easy to not turn things in or to turn in work that is not your best just to get it off the list.  But I need you to hang in there.  I need you to do your best. I need you to take this time just as seriously as you take the time when we are in school together.   The things you are working on now are important.  You need to start next year knowing all of these things.   I am hearing that some of you don’t like going to your teachers’ office hours to ask for help. You might feel a little bit uncomfortable.  I understand that this is different, but I need you to be brave and ask for help when you don’t understand something.  The teachers really enjoy having the chance to talk to you individually or in a small group.  They enjoy helping you learn and really need you to talk to them so they can help you.  We have 6 weeks of this year left, and I need you to give those 6 weeks your best!  The teachers and I are starting to plan some fun end of the year activities that we can do as classes or grades and you’ll hear more about that later.  8th graders, please know that we are working really hard right now to plan some special events for you to celebrate your time at Endeavor and your transition to high school.   We care about you all and want to make the very best of the rest of this school year, so all students, hang in there, stay focused, and end this year strong! I hope to see you soon! 

    Christi Whiteside, MSA
    Endeavor Charter School
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  • UPDATE: Digital Learning Extended to June 12, 2020

    Posted by Christi Whiteside on 4/24/2020 4:00:00 PM

    ECS families,

    I join you in feeling extremely sad to hear the State's decision that schools will not reopen this school year. No matter how much I recognize that this is the safe, correct decision, I am still sad. The teachers and I miss your kids so much!

    Given this directive, Endeavor Charter School will continue to operate through distance learning through June 12, 2020, our original last day of school. During those days, our teachers will continue to provide high level instruction, and we need each child to continue to do their best work. We are working now to prepare your child for success next year and the years beyond. We've seen the state grading policy released yesterday and understand that this will change the way we enter end of year grades into Powerschool and each students' permanent record (feedback only for K-5, PC19 (Pass) or WC19 (Withdraw) with feedback for 6-8, and the option of a numeric grade or PC19 (Pass) or WC19 (Withdraw) for students in Math 1).

    We will meet as a staff on Monday to talk through options for continued feedback and assessment of student work prior to that final grade. Student work will continue to be collected and assessed. Students will still be expected to complete all work to the best of their ability. Feedback remains essential to ensure students are growing and to provide information for next year's teacher. We cannot allow students to do less than their best for the next seven weeks. We need every family to continue to motivate their students and ensure they are completing quality school work.

    Now that we know our end of year situation, we will move forward pursuing options to celebrate our graduating 8th graders. We won't be able to celebrate them in our traditional ways, but we will celebrate them! We will also find ways to share information for our students rising into third grade and students rising into middle school next year. We know many of you have materials still in the building, ordered sports team shirts, and ordered yearbooks which will come soon. We will be gathering all of those items for your pick up closer to the end of the year. Stay tuned for more information!

    For now, if you need to pick up medication or a computer, please email and we will find a time to meet you at school. Please email me if your family needs support with food. We know this time is difficult in so many different ways, especially for those of you still going out into essential jobs. If you need extra time or have a specific need, reach out to your child's teacher and explain your situation.

    Thank you for all you are doing for your kids and to support our teachers. Thanks also to those of you in essential jobs who are helping keep us all safe and fed and healthy. This has been a time none of us could have imagined, and many of you have stepped up as heroes. Thank you!

    Christi Whiteside, MSA
    Endeavor Charter School

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  • Welcome Back! Digital Learning Returns!

    Posted by Christi Whiteside on 4/13/2020 3:15:00 PM

    A Special Video Message from Mrs. Whiteside!

    Mrs. Whiteside's Video Message

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  • Board of Directors and ECS Foundation: Update on Future Plans

    Posted by Christi Whiteside on 4/7/2020 4:00:00 PM
    2020 Vision ECS Logo
    ECS Community,
    We hope you all are doing well during this unprecedented time. While we know everyone's world has been turned a little upside down, we wanted to share some good news! Over the past year, informed by feedback from a variety of stakeholder groups, the ECS and Foundation Boards have developed a vision for expanding our school's facilities. Late last year weengaged a financial advisor, First Tryon, and design/build team, BC Construction Group to explore making this vision a reality.
    After consulting with our financial advisor and the design/build team, even in the current circumstances, we remain in a strong position to proceed with our vision of expansion, albeit cautiously. We will continue the process of expansion to include a gym, theater, and a new middle school for the 2021-22 school year.  As we all have been recently reminded, everything is subject to change. We plan to move forward while continuing to monitor the situation and be flexible with any changes that may arise.
    We were excited to share this news in person and were planning to schedule a Town Hall meeting in late March. However, not knowing when we will have an opportunity for an in person meeting, we didn't want to further delay sharing our excitement with the ECS community.  We realize this may lead to a lot of questions, so we have developed a resource site; www.endeavorexpansion.com, which will be updated with further information as it becomes available.  If you have questions related to the expansion, please email them to: questions@endeavorcharter.com.  We will include Q&A, as relevant, on our website. 
    If you would like more information about First Tryon and BC Construction Group can be found at their web sites:
    We look forward to providing additional updates over the coming weeks and months on the ECS Expansion Website.  
    Stay safe and healthy,
    Michael Reinhardt & Bill Kroll
    Michael Reinhardt
    Chair, Endeavor Charter School Foundation
    Bill Kroll
    Chair, Endeavor Charter School Board of Directors
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  • Digital Learning to Continue in 4th Quarter

    Posted by Christi Whiteside on 3/27/2020 3:00:00 PM

    What a way to end a quarter!  If I’d told you in January that with one workday’s preparation we would move to a digital learning school, and you’d become an at-home teacher, you’d have thought I was crazy.  And yet, here we are! You have always partnered with us, but never to this extent. We are so grateful for your support. You are our eyes and ears and hands right now. We truly could not do this without you!!  

    As we head into track out, I wanted to give you an update on our status when we return.

    • Track Out will remain March 27-April 13.  Monday, April 13 will remain a teacher workday.  Our teachers desperately need a break after a very long 3rd quarter and an exhausting transition to virtual learning.
    • Digital learning will resume on Tuesday, April 14.
    • We need to make some adjustments to our program in order to move into a full month of distance learning. In April, you can look forward to:
      • ECS teacher instruction of new content (live or video) at least 3x per week.  Other days may include review or instruction from other sources such as Khan Academy.
      • Synchronous morning meeting at least 1x per week. We recognize that some students will not be available due to childcare situations and device sharing.  That’s OK.
      • Teacher office hours at least 2x per week for students who want some extra support.
      • Assignments or a link to assignments posted on the ECS website where homework has previously been posted.
      • Honor Code statement for all quizzes and tests reminding students of the expectation for independent work on assessments.  It is essential that teachers have an understanding of each student’s actual understanding of their work, so please help ensure your child’s authentic and independent completion of work.  
      • Teacher adherence to their work hours of 9-12:00 and 1-3:00.  The 10 hour workdays they’ve been managing during this transition is not sustainable. 
      • Some items may need to be picked up from school. We are looking at assignments for our youngest students as well as reading materials. 
      • We know many students are trying to complete their school work on a phone.  This is not a good solution for the long term. Student without access to an appropriate device need to borrow one from ECS now.

    We realize that this extended closures overlaps many important ECS events such as Stride for the Pride, picture day, and our spring play.  At this point we are evaluating all options for those events and others scheduled for later in 4th quarter.  We plan to have an update when we track back in and hopefully have a more clear picture of what the end of our year might be like. 

    As we move into a longer term digital learning scenario, please refer to the suggestions below for increased success and calm.


    • Pick a place that will be your “classroom.”  Stock it with paper, pen/pencils, and any school books or materials.  This spot should ideally be away from the TV and other major distractions.
    • Set a daily schedule for yourself for when you will be “in school” and out of school.  
    • Schedule your breaks and rewards either by task (“when I finish ___, I will____”) or by time (“every 15 minutes I will stand up and stretch.”)
    • Stay connected!  Ask questions, send emails, participate in group chats and video meetings.
    • Organize your work
      • Make a file for all the emails & communications from school
      • Keep a calendar of due dates, Zoom meetings, etc. 
      • Use your agenda to keep track of assignments just like you did in school.
      • Keep track of your passwords and logins
    • Reach out. Having trouble with tech? With a school topic? With managing life at home? Send a note to your teacher and/or a trusted adult
    • Save time each day to move!   (get outside, do some yoga, set up your own workout routine)
    • Online Etiquette
      • When joining digital meetings, keep your mic muted and unmute only when you are speaking.  This cuts down on background noise
      • Avoid side chats-- they distract yourself and others (just like in class!)
      • Don’t eat on camera.
      • Dress for class!  
      • It’s okay to just use audio and not appear on camera, if you prefer. (It also uses less data if you’re not on wifi.)
      • THINK before you post/send.  It’s one thing to say something inappropriate in class, but online, there's a record and many more people can see your words.
      • Stay on task and on topic. 


    • Help students choose & use a consistent work space
    • A solid schedule will be your best friend
      • Balance work and break time for all
      • Try to keep normal bedtimes and morning routines
      • Use timers to help keep track
    • Help, but don’t hover. 
    • Stay connected to teachers and the school, but allow students to take the lead on communication whenever possible.
    • Please respect teacher working hours and where possible, avoid contacting staff after “school” hours or weekends.
    • It’s okay to ask for help with tech, with emotional support, with academic questions. And with food
    • Take care of yourselves so you can be there for your kids

    Please continue to follow precautions for social distancing and keeping your family and our community safe.  Have a wonderful track out!

    Christi Whiteside, MSA

    Director, Endeavor Charter School
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  • Digital Learning Week 1

    Posted by Christi Whiteside on 3/20/2020 2:00:00 PM
    What a strange and scary week!  We’ve seen the switch to a totally digital learning environment happen with very little preparation time, but we’ve done it.  The transition has not been easy for anyone. Our teachers are stretching their creativity and their tech skills to the limits.  We recognize that becoming your child’s main educator, often while adjusting your own work to an at-home situation, has not been easy on our families either.  However, we are all moving forward with the hand we’ve been dealt.  
    We will continue to work under the assumption that our goal is to finish the curriculum for this entire year either in person or virtually.  We are also watching the ever changing information that is coming from the state and the federal government. We will adjust our plans if needed.
    If you’ve been watching the news about schools being used as childcare centers, know that there will be several available if you need such help.  ECS is not an eligible site, however, because a working cafeteria is a requirement. Instead, while our building is empty, our custodial service is conducting a deep cleaning to ensure that whenever we are able to return, the building will be ready.
    Thanks to all who responded to our survey yesterday.  Such feedback helps us adjust our plans to best meet everyone’s needs.  I hope we can all enjoy the weekend, take a breath and regroup from this week.  And remember, keep calm and Endeavor on!
    For help with food, please email Christi Whiteside at cwhiteside@endeavorcharter.com.
    For help with a loaner laptop or password resets, please email Jim Lundholm at jlundholm@endeavorcharter.com.
    For emotional support, please email Susan White at swhite@endeavorcharter.com.
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  • Digital Learning Begins Tuesday 3/17/20

    Posted by Christi Whiteside on 3/16/2020 3:45:00 PM
    ECS Families,

    We've spent a busy teacher workday today finalizing our preparations for a day we hoped would not come, but we are ready.  Each grade level will be reaching out today to let you know specifics of their plans to move all instruction to digital learning starting tomorrow. Teachers will be available from 9:00 -12:00 and 1:00 -3:00 Monday through Friday March 17-27. During this window, they will be working with students and responding to email.  However, we do not know what volume of emails to expect, so we will respond as quickly as possible within those windows.  They will not respond to email outside that window of time, but will try to respond within our typical 24 hour response time.   

    For the next nine school days, we need your students focused and working hard. We need them to log in every day in order to be counted as present. Please help them stay on track with classroom directions and due dates. Please know that our teachers consider these next nine days just as real as the last nine days.  Students must remain engaged.  Our fine arts teachers will be reaching out with assignments every other week.  Our special education and literacy support staff will be reaching out to families of students they serve. We are ready.

    However, things won't be perfect because this is new. Some tech won't be smooth.  Some directions won't be clear enough.  When those things happen, please reach out and let us know.  In a time of social isolation, it is easy for frustrations to grow and for folks to lash out on-line.  Please remember that when digital learning is smooth and when it is not, our teachers are working very hard to maintain normalcy for your children.  They have every intention of maintaining a quality program to educate our students.

    To help consolidate communication, we've set up a new page on our website https://www.endeavorcharterschool.com/covid.  You'll find the Covid-19 tab on the top of the site.  There you'll find directions for the digital platforms, info about who to contact for various situations, and our latest communications.  We will continue to communicate with you through this web page, email, Facebook, and the Director's Blog.

    I am already longing for normalcy, and I know many of you are as well.  If we are feeling the enormity of these world changes and challenges, know that all our kids are feeling it, too. Please give your students some time to talk, some time together as a family, and the structure of some school time.  Establish the place in your home where school work will happen and the place other things will happen. These are trying times for all of us.  I wish you all safety and health, and I hope to see you soon!

    Christi Whiteside, MSA
    Endeavor Charter School
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