• PAWS Board Officers
    President: Amanda Ford
    President-Elect: Carrie McCann
    Vice President: Lori D'Elia 
    Treasurer: Lynn Van Houten
    Secretary: Lee Edwards
    Committee Leaders 
    Art Show: Kate Cerullo
    Book Fair: Lisa Fore
    Box Tops: Amanda Quigley
    Cafe Days: Marina Adams/Open Volunteer Opportunity
    Communications: Meredith Webster
    Field day: * Open Volunteer Opportunity
    Cultural Arts: * Allison Blatz
    Hospitality: Samantha Gorman
    Lend A PAW: Natalie Newell
    Parent Ambassador Lead: Gwen Eaton
    School Pictures: Lisa Fore
    Scrip: Meredith Webster
    Social Committee: Ashley Johnson
    PAWS Executive Board Meeting Notes
    Executive Board meetings are held monthly and are for executive board members and commitee members only.  If you have something you would like to submit to the board please send your request to the PAWS President. Available minutes are linked to the date. 

     PAWS Exective Board Meeting Minutes for 2021 - 2022

    Looking for Prior years? Let us know. 

    Link to PAWS Executive Board Operating Policy: https://www.endeavorcharterschool.com/Page/1903 
    Link to PAWS bylaws: https://www.endeavorcharterschool.com/Page/1902