Exceptional Children (EC) Department

  • Our students with identified academic needs are served through the Exceptional Children's (EC) Program working in conjunction with the general education teachers. We currently have two EC teachers who focus on grade level clusters, K-4th and 5th-8th. 

    Our EC teachers primarily follow a push-in model, which means that they work with the classroom teachers in the general education setting. This model allows students to receive their primary instruction from the classroom teacher, but also to receive additional support through the EC teacher while working within the classroom environment. A pull-out model is used more regularly in the lower grades since more intense remediation is required in a smaller group setting. The pull-out model is only used in the upper grades when the IEP team decides that it is absolutely necessary. The general education classroom teacher is responsible for implementing all IEP classroom and testing accommodations and modifications as well as differentiating instruction for students when necessary.