our charter focuses

Our Charter Focuses

  • Every charter school's obligation to the state is to provide a unique learning experience.  Endeavor seeks to provide a rigorous academic program enhanced by a rich fine arts program.  In addition, we value our familial environment, hands-on learning, public speaking, and opportunities to serve others.

    We provide a small, familial environment in the following ways:

    • homerooms of 19 students at every grade
    • carpool names, not numbers
    • students greeted by name at the front door each day
    • morning meeting at every grade
    • parent partners at lunch, recess, and field trips
    • "no cut" sports program
    • Celebration of Learnng Day
    • collaborative activities
    • 8th Grade Walk
    • Meet the Teacher day for families
    • middle school students supporting younger students through service electives
    • academic pep rallies

    We offer hands-on, experiential learning opportunities in the following ways:

    • collaborative activities
    • focus on active learning
    • poetry writing in all subjects at all grades
    • science labs
    • book clubs
    • electives for students in grades 5-8
    • clubs for students in grades 6-8
    • problem solving through multiple methods
    • teacher focus on hands-on learning opportunities

    We provide the following public speaking opportunities for students:

    • morning meeting at every grade
    • drama classes for grades K-8
    • performances and presentations at all grades
    • debate in grades 7 and 8
    • service electives
    • student speakers on morning announcements
    • graduation speakers

    We provide the following service opportunities for students:

    • grades K-2 focus on serving our ECS community
    • grades 3-5 focus on serving the Wake Forest community
    • grades 6-8 focus on serving the Wake County community
    • students in grades 5-8 may particiate in service electives
    • family service days