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    Endeavor Charter School 2021-2022 Covid Information

  • Masks are currently optional for all students, staff and visitors.
    1. Individuals (including staff, students, and/or visitors) may choose, but are not required to, wear a face covering on ECS grounds, including indoors, except in certain limited circumstances;
    2. Individuals are required to mask for 5 days following return to school from isolation due to a positive test and/or symptoms of COVID-19 (masks not required during lunch or outdoor activities);
    3. ECS will keep updated records of student who must mask following isolation, and such masking will be enforced using the honor system. Students found in violation of the 5-day post-isolation masking requirement will be sent home for the remainder of the original 10-day isolation period.

    Please feel free to contact our School Nurse, Sarah Ipock nurse@endeavorcharter.com, with any questions regarding our COVID-19 guidance.  

    ECS Management of Possible, Suspected, Presumptive and Confirmed Positive Cases of COVID-19

    NCDHHS Latest Updates on COVID-19