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    Endeavor Charter School 2021-2022 Covid Information

  • **FAQ's updated fall 2021**

    Endeavor Charter School is taking steps towards a normal school year. Please read below for an update on our current COVID-19 guidelines, which are subject to change as required by the state. 

    • Masks will be worn at all times inside the school building. The only exception to this rule is while the students are actively eating and/or drinking.  (Gators are not acceptable face coverings.)
    • Masks DO NOT have to be worn outside (recess, PE, carpool, etc.)
    • Please keep your child home if they are sick. Below is a list of common COVID-19 symptoms.

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    • Masks and background checks will be required for all volunteers.
    • Masks will be required on field trips, as well as following any COVID-19 protocols of the facilities we are visiting. 

    New Quarantine Rules for Students:

    Based on requirements from the State, students/staff must quarantine after an exposure to a confirmed case of COVID-19. However, the following conditions exempt STUDENTS from a standard quarantine period if the: 

    1. Student is fully-vaccinated
    2. Student has had COVID-19 within the last three months
    3. Student who tested positive AND the exposed student were BOTH wearing approved face masks at the time of exposure.  If all students are wearing face masks, no students need to be quarantined.  This applies to exposures within the school only. 

    COVID-19 continues to be present in school communities and should be treated as a priority to keep everyone safe and healthy.  ECS will continue to directly contact individuals who have been identified as close contacts if exposed.  ECS and NCDHHS continue to collaborate to evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis and notify close contacts regarding next steps and quarantine guidance.  
    Please feel free to contact our School Nurse, Sarah Ipock nurse@endeavorcharter.com, with any questions regarding our COVID-19 guidance.

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