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    Endeavor Charter School's Mission Statement

    Endeavor Charter School’s mission is to engage K-8 students by integrating a challenging, hands-on academic program with multi-faceted fine arts courses in a familial environment.

    Vision Statement

    Endeavor Charter School’s vision is a community of educators and families working together to graduate students who are motivated and curious, capable and confident, and prepared to make a positive impact on the world around them. 

    Endeavor Charter School is...

    • A North Carolina Public Charter School
    • Independently managed by a Board of Directors
    • A Rated by the state of NC since opening in 2008
    • Guided by the philosophy of Aristotle, "We Learn by Doing."

    Endeavor's Four Main Areas of Focus:

    • Experiential Learning
    • Rigorous Academics
    • Fine Arts Enrichment Program
    • Familial Environment

    Endeavor Charter School Information

    • Tuition free public charter school  
    • Opened on July 28, 2008
    • Serving 780 students in grades K-8
    • 20 students per homeroom
    • Modified year-round calendar 
    • Tax ID # 35-2290584  


    Endeavor Charter School began as an idea of what a public school could be.  Three career public school teachers, Steve McAdams, Christi Whiteside, and Maija McAdams wrote the charter application for Endeavor Charter School.  Along with a dedicated founding Board of Directors, they celebrated the approval of the charter in October of 2007.  Nine months of planning, working with the Department of Public Instruction,  recruiting teachers, and speaking to families passed quickly.  On July 28, 2008, Endeavor Charter School celebrated its first school day with a red carpet opening for 376 students in Raleigh.  In June of  2014, Endeavor moved to its permanent home on twenty-nine acres of land in Wake Forest.  In 2021, Endeavor Charter School completed its expansion project to increase enrollment and campus facilities, adding 56,000 square feet, 15 middle school classrooms, a full-size gymnasium and a 300-seat auditorium.

    Area of Service

    NC charter schools are open to students living in any county in North Carolina.  Endeavor has served students from Wake, Durham, Granville, Franklin, and Johnston Counties.   

    Academically Gifted Students

    We serve students with a wide array of academic gifts.  However, we do not identify our students as "AG" or "Academically Gifted." In every way that we differentiate, offer leveled groupings, offer leveled texts, pre-test and post-test, provide differentiated centers or tasks, offer individual conferencing, etc., we are serving students at their specific levels. This is key to our program.