• Endeavor offers Carpool World - a self-service tool to find and arrange a carpool!  Endeavor families enter their information and can post seats available in a carpool or look for other ECS families offering seats in their carpool that may match your needs.  
    Endeavor Carpool Procedures:
    • No Cell Phones Please!
    • ALWAYS Display Carpool Tag
    • Please see photo below for the current carpool loop flow
    • Follow carpool team instructions
    • STAY ALERT and pull as far forward as possible
    • PLEASE inform any substitute drivers of procedures
    • Form carpools to reduce wait time

    Carpool Tags:

    • New families will get TWO tags. 
    • Returning families will reuse tags from last year.  SAVE YOUR TAGS!
    • NO HOMEMADE TAGS allowed. You must show ID if you are not displaying the ECS tag.
    • Additional tags are $1 - If you need replacement tags or extra tags you can order them at the front office during meet the teacher or email jvanhall@endeavorcharter.com
    • You must pay $1 in advance for tags to be sent home.
    • Additional Carpool Tags will be printed once per week.

    Morning carpool 8:10 – 8:40am

    • Carpool arrival begins at 8:10am, students may not unload before this time
    • Carpool arrival ends at 8:40am
    • All students must be in their homeroom by 8:40am for morning announcements
    • If you arrive after 8:40, students will need to be signed in by an adult and the student will receive a tardy slip to give to their teacher.
    • If a student is not in their homeroom at 8:40, they will be marked tardy
    • Please note: If traffic prevents us from ending carpool at 8:40am we will be flexible and adjust as necessary

    Afternoon carpool 3:15 – 3:45pm

    • Please DO NOT ARRIVE on campus before 2:45pm
    • Carpool begins at 3:15pm, students will begin loading at this time
    • Carpool tag names are displayed in every classroom in the order that they arrive
    • Carpool typically ends around 3:45pm
    • If you arrive after carpool has ended, carpool staff will direct you to the front entrance to pick your child up at ALL CALL. (ALL CALL is when we release remaining students from their classroom to come to the Main Entrance)