• Welcome to the Eighth Grade Teachers Website.  
    8th grade
    Welcome to the 8th Grade. We're glad you're part of the Pride! 
    Parents and students: Set yourselves up for success early on in the quarter by committing to using your agenda effectively.  During the first week of school, be sure to:
    1. Bring your agenda and other supplies to each class.
    2. Mark any school holidays and early release days.
    3. Take note of any field trip dates.
    4. Write down any announced test and quiz dates from individual teachers as they are given.
    5. Commit to writing down EVERY homework assignment as listed on the board AND writing ''none'' when you have no homework.  Whether you write these on the day they are assigned or on the day they are due is a personal choice.  
    We are dedicated to the success of each and every child and are committed to provide "office hours" as needed.  Students are encouraged use this designated time for any of the following:
    •  make up work
    •  quiz or test retakes
    •  receive one-on-one assistance, discuss grades or assignments
    • take advantage of peer tutoring 

    Teachers are not responsible for seeking out students for assistance or retakes.