• 2019-2020 Board of Directors
    Chairperson: Bill Kroll  bkroll@endeavorcharter.com
    Vice Chair:  Kim Keith  kkeith@endeavorcharter.com 

    Treasurer: Israa Kanfoud: ikanfoud@endeavorcharter.com

    Secretary:  Tracy DeMarco  tdemarco@endeavorcharter.com 

    Board members:   

    Nick Cerullo:  ncerullo@endeavorcharter.com


    Ashley Hicks: ahicks@endeavorcharter.com

    Amy Tharrington:  atharrington@endeavorcharter.com

    Jaclyn Parks jparks@endeavorcharter.com


    Endeavor Charter School is a North Carolina nonprofit corporation and, as such, ultimate responsibility for the overall operation of the school rests with its Board of Directors. Endeavor Charter School has no shareholders or owners, and board members serve strictly as volunteers.

    Consistent with its mission, the Board strives to achieve site-based management of Endeavor Charter School, encouraging input from administrators, faculty, parents, and students. With Board oversight, day-to-day operations are generally carried out by the administrator, faculty, and other administrative personnel supported by parent volunteers. Ultimately subject to Board approval, many operational aspects have been delegated to these individuals as well as various committees.

    The Board is directly responsible for providing facilities and equipment, adopting curriculum, handling personnel matters, budgeting, setting the school calendar and school hours, managing admissions, and assuring compliance with applicable laws including the charter school statutes. The Board also adopts various policies to facilitate the implementation of Endeavor’s educational mission. Finally, the Board serves as a liaison with the Wake County Public School System, the Wake County School Board, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, the North Carolina State Board of Education, and other agencies and organizations involved in public education. 

    ECS Board of Directors Seeking Applications

    Open Meetings

    Board Meetings
    Board meetings are generally held in the multi-purpose room of Endeavor Charter School at 7:00pm.  Changes in this schedule will be posted to the website.  A public comment session is usually held at the end of the meeting.  Board meetings are open to the public.
    For the 2020-2021 school year, Board meetings are scheduled for the following dates: July 2, July 21, Aug 4, Sept 1, Oct 20, Nov 10, Dec 1, Jan 5, Feb 2, Mar 2, Apr 13, May 4, June 1 

    Committee Meetings
    Committee meetings are held at 6:15 on the day of the Board meetings. 

    Committees include:   

    The Resource Development Committee is responsible for: 
    -focusing on relationships with the school's various stakeholders, including, but not limited to PAWS, the Develpment Committee, Parents, and external resources.  
    -supporting school development through the annual fund, capital campaign, events, community engagement.

    The Governance Committee is responsible for:
    -Board policies and procedures;
    -HR and roundtables;
    -Board development;
    -Board assessment;
    -Director oversight;
    -Foundation Board Relationship; and
    -Legal issues.

     The Finance Committee is responsible for:
    -Strategic financial planning;
    -Reviewing financial statements;
    -Long-term investment;
    -Cash management;
    -Assessing pay scales;
    -Pension and benefit consideration; and
    -Overseeing audit.


Last Modified on September 1, 2020