• Mrs. Dougherty
    Melissa Dougherty
    5th Grade Science/Social Studies

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    Email Address- mdougherty@endeavorcharter.com

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    My name is Melissa Dougherty, and I am the science and social studies teacher on the fifth grade team.  I have been at ECS since it began in 2008.  I love getting to teach science and social studies though hands on and interactive lessons and collaborative group work.
    I am originally from Rochester, New York and have an undergraduate degree in Arts for Children and a master's degree in Elementary Education.  My husband, Sean, and I have three children.  Finn attends ECS as a 3rd grader.  I also have a 2 year old son, Ian, and a 1 year old daughter, Amy, who are busy and into everything!!
    I look forward to working with the students to acheive great things in science and social studies this school year!  Get ready for an exciting adventure:)