Welcome to the Third Grade web page!

3rd grade
  •  We are are all excited about another year in 3rd Grade!  What does this mean?  All three of us will have the pleasure of teaching every student during the day and still have time for building our homeroom family.  Ms. Comstock will be teaching reading, Ms. Starkey will be teaching writing, and Mrs. Ketchum will be teaching math. We will all teach science and social studies.
    This year will take us on many adventures and we can't wait to share them with you and your child.  This is a transition year of sorts when the children start to become more and more independent in their classwork and responsibilities.  We will guide them through the many transitions this year will bring, the biggest one being state end of grade testing.  Please remember that we view parents as part of our teaching team and together we all work towards having the best year ever for all for all of us.