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Endeavor Charter School

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Elementary Social Studies

North Carolina Standard Course of Study shifts away from memorization of names and dates and toward a study of the broader story of our world. Early elementary students learn to think like an explorer and ask probing questions. They also work on understanding chronological thinking.

In kindergarten and first grade, students begin to study citizenship, economics, change over time, and geography.

Second graders expand on and apply those foundational concepts, conveying their ideas through graphic organizers and writing. At Endeavor, second graders take an imaginary trip through the regions of the United States as they explore these concepts, culminating their travels with a day of regional food, crafts, and fun.

Third graders expand upon social studies concepts by evaluating ways people have impacted their development. They also begin to consider the idea of history.

Fourth graders focus on the state of North Carolina and explore geography, government, culture, and economics while looking at past and present events and how they connect.

Fifth graders continue studying these topics and expand their geographic focus to the whole United States.