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Endeavor Charter School

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Stride for the Pride

Stride For The Pride 2024


The 2024 Stride for the Pride Fun Run & Color Run is on Friday, May 3, 2024!

Register your student(s) on to earn prizes and share with family, friends & neighbors!  Create a STUDENT STAR VIDEO with your student's photo! 

Our fundraising goal is $55,000 for our FUTURE OUTDOOR SPACES!

All students will participate in the Fun Run (K-5) and Color Run (6-8) during the school day on May 3, 2024.


1. What is the Stride for the Pride?

The Stride for the Pride is a school-wide program powered by Boosterthon that incorporates school spirit with this semester’s biggest fundraising event!  Endeavor K-5th graders will participate in a 34-minute Fun Run, and our 6th-8th graders will participate in a Color Run! All students participate! 

2. What is our goal this year?

Our goal is for the Stride for the Pride to raise $60,000!  The funds will support our Annual Fund!  The funds will also support other campus improvements such as technology for the auditorium and enhancements to the soccer field.

3. How can parents register their student(s)?

Starting on April 25, 2024, parents will log in or sign up on Then, parents can register their student as a participant on by searching for the school by name. Students who register and participate receive a t-shirt!

4. How can students get pledges?

Parents can help connect students to 10 different sponsors via email, text, or social media! Sponsors can enter those pledges directly at  Parents can create a “Student Star Video” with their student’s photos and share those with sponsors as well!

5. Will my student run for 34 minutes? How big is the track?

Yes, even kindergartners! The Fun Run track is about 1/20th of a mile, 1/5 the size of a normal high school track. The average K-5 student will run/walk the entire time.

6. Will the Color Run count time too?

No, the Color Run Challenge for the 6th-8th graders will not be a lapped run.  Students and families can collect “flat donations” for the event. 

7. Can students receive a prize for flat donations?

Yes! All flat donations count toward pledges and are rounded by 30. So, a $30 donation is the same as $1 per minute. A $60 donation is the same as $2 per minute, etc.

8. Can sponsors pay for pledges online?

YES! Sponsors have the option to pay online and pay immediately. The day after the Fun Run event, sponsors will receive an email with payment options if they have not paid yet.

9. How does the Stride for the Pride affect the Annual Fund?

The Stride for the Pride is an important fundraising event within Endeavor’s Annual Fund. All proceeds from the Stride for the Pride, along with family donations, corporate matches, proceeds from the Family Fun Fest, and business sponsorships will help Endeavor meet its overall fundraising goal for the school year!  The Annual Fund helps fill the gap in Endeavor’s state funding and allows Endeavor to provide the very best learning environment with the lowest class size in the area. 

10. Can parents/families attend Stride for the Pride?

Yes!  We love it when families come out to cheer for their runners!  It's held during the school day so that all students can participate.  Details about parking, run times, etc. are sent directly to parents.

Thank you for supporting Endeavor Charter School students at The Stride for the Pride!

If you have additional questions, please contact Director of Development Becky Catlett,