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Endeavor Charter School

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2023-2024 Board

Elected Officers

President:  Lori D’Elia
President-Elect:  Laney McLaughlin
Vice President:  Ashley Pusey   
Treasurer:  Lynn Van Houten
Secretary:  Laura Power

Committee Chairs

Cafe Days:  Amanda Ford
School Kits: Colleen Icenhower
School Pictures:  Colleen Icenhower
Lend A PAW:  Natalie Newell
Hospitality:  Rachel Smyth
Art/STEAM Expo:  *Open Volunteer Opportunity
Social Committee:
Jessica Gray
Cultural Arts:  *Open Volunteer Opportunity
Field Day: 
Marianne Stokes and Alison Walters
Book Fair:  Melody DeRienzo and Julie Trinks
PAWS Communications:  Marianne Stokes
Parent Ambassadors:  Lindsay Sherer
Athletics/PE: Alison Walters
Volunteer Coord: Laney McLaughlin, Ashley Pusey, Lori D’Elia
Yearbook Coord: Amanda Ford
Teacher Liaison:  Becky Catlett