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Endeavor Charter School

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Social Committee Chair

Currently seeking candidates.

Art Show

Held annually, the Art Show highlights student art work done throughout the year.  The Art Show committee helps plan, organize, and gather materials.  We need volunteers to help organize student art samples and set up art work for the art show. You don't have to be an artist or creative person to help with our annual art show!   

Book Fair

The Book Fair runs for one week in the spring, and there are volunteer shifts available in the morning or afternoon.  You can even time your shift to correspond to when your student(s) come to the fair!  Two people "work" at a time, so you're never alone if you have questions, and the Book Fair Chair will either be on campus or available by phone.  Help students create their wish lists and check students out using the tablet payment system provided by the company.  

Cafe Days Team

The Cafe Days Team is responsible for organizing and delivering all orders Monday to Friday. Cafe Days is PAWS’ largest fundraiser. All proceeds help to fund the financial support PAWS offers to Endeavor students and teachers. Its success is reliant upon our parent volunteers. We need you on our team! 

Cultural Arts

The Cultural Arts Committee is a committee dedicated to the enlightenment and enrichment of our ECS students. Funds raised by PAWS through family membership and fundraising drives allow this committee to bring the arts to life for our student body. Music, storytelling, dancing and plays are just a few of the programs we have been able to offer. 


The Hospitality Committee pampers our amazing teachers and staff with special treats, catered lunches, and other goodies throughout the school year. They also organize Teacher Appreciation Week and help with special events.

Lend A Paw

Lend A Paw is a way to support the school with your sweat equity.  During this time you may be painting, doing small repairs, and working to beautify the campus. 

Lunch Duty

Parents volunteer manage the short lunch periods in kindergarten through fifth grade. Click here to sign up for a specific classroom. 

Parent Ambassadors

Parent Ambassadors help connect the classroom to the parents by ensuring lunch coverage for the quarter, sending reminders about classroom activities and school-wide events, helping to organize holiday and end-of-the-year gifts, and pampering our staff during the quarterly staff appreciation days. Parent Liaisons also serve as a point of contact for possible coordination of social events and help to organize baskets for our Family Fun Fest. 

School Pictures

This volunteer opportunity is a great way to meet students, teachers, and staff, as everyone comes in at some point for their photo. The work entails directing students to a photographer station and sometimes collecting payment envelopes.