Applying to be a Substitute Teacher
    Endeavor hires subs as spaces on our sub list become available or as more subs are needed.  If you are seeking a job as a substitute teacher, please complete the Substitute Application and send your resume to: 
    Endeavor Charter School
    Attn: Molly Blanchard
    4879 One World Way
    Wake Forest, NC 27587 
    Pay Rates
    Currently Endeavor pays the following rates:
    • $16.25 an hour - Current or previously licensed subs (copy of teaching license must be given to Janet Vanhall)
    • $13.00 an hour - Subs who meet minimum requirements or have a bachelor's degree  

    Accepting a Job as Substitute Teacher

    Once you have submitted the application, you will be contacted once space is available on the sub list and you we will be sent a link to the email address you provided with all the necessary paperwork. 
    Current Substitutes
    If, as an active substitute, you have questions, please contact:
    Janet VanHall (jvanhall@endeavorcharter.com)- training, emergency illness and emergency sub plans
    Molly Blanchard (mblanchard@endeavorcharter.com)- hiring, payroll and tax paperwork
    Classroom Teacher - arranging a planned absence, questions about sub plans, classroom policies and procedures
    Grade Level or Department - Questions that arise about classroom policies and procedures on the day you are subbing
Last Modified on April 25, 2022