• Endeavor offers Carpool World - a self-service tool to find and arrange a carpool!  Endeavor families enter their information and can post seats available in a carpool or look for other ECS families offering seats in their carpool that may match your needs.  
    Endeavor Carpool Procedures:

    Morning carpool 8:10 – 8:40am

    Afternoon carpool 3:15 – 3:45pm

    • No Cell Phones Please!
    • ALWAYS Display Carpool Tag
    • If driveway is full, please U-turn at Unicon Dr. and line up on One World curb (see photo below)
    • Proceed to carpool lane, lining up first 10 spots on curb in front of school, then form two lanes around parking lot only, keeping entrance to the two lanes in front of school clear.  One lane should extend back from overflow lot out to One World Way, and along right side curb of One World leading into driveway
    • Do not switch lanes
    • Follow carpool team instructions,
    • When carpool begins at 3:15 two attendants (see Star in photo below) will stand in driveway to direct lanes and call in carpool names in groups of 10 cars in the order that they arrive
    • Pull as far forward as possible
    • Carpool tag names are displayed in every classroom in groups of 10 in the order that they arrive
    • If your child is not on sidewalk, pull to left of stop sign attendant to re-enter the line
    • PLEASE inform any substitute drivers of procedures
    • Form carpools to reduce wait time

    ECS carpool map