• Endeavor offers Carpool World - a self-service tool to find and arrange a carpool!  Endeavor families enter their information and can post seats available in a carpool or look for other ECS families offering seats in their carpool that may match your needs.  
    Endeavor Carpool Procedures:

    Morning carpool 8:05 – 8:30am

    Afternoon carpool 3:15 – 3:45pm

    • No Cell Phones Please!
    • ALWAYS Display Carpool Tag
    • If driveway is full, please U-turn at Unicon Dr. and line up on One World curb (see photo below)
    • Follow carpool team instructions,
    • Pull as far forward as possible
    • Carpool tag names are displayed in every classroom in groups of 10 in the order that they arrive
    • If your child is not on sidewalk, pull to left of stop sign attendant to re-enter the line
    • PLEASE inform any substitute drivers of procedures
    • Form carpools to reduce wait time