• Thankful for our community!

    Posted by Lauren Manfreda on 11/19/2021 4:35:00 PM

    It is already Thanksgiving time!  I can't begin to fully express my thankfulness for all of you this year!  We have had a wild, wonderful, crazy start to this year!  All of our new families, new students, new staff, and new facility have all added so much to our community! Yesterday was the one year anniversary of our ground-breaking for the new construction.  We have accomplished so much in that year and we couldn't have done it without you!  We are grateful for each and every one of you!  I wish you all a holiday of rest, family, and time to enjoy the bounty in your life.

    Christi Whiteside, MSA
    Director, Endeavor Charter School


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  • Second Quarter Successes!

    Posted by Lauren Manfreda on 10/29/2021 3:00:00 PM
    ECS Families, 
    This quarter is off to a great start! Last Friday’s Fun Fest exceeded all my expectations! The family turnout was amazing! We estimate over 1200 people attended this event! The booths were great, and teachers running them had so much fun seeing our students and families outside of class! I saw so many happy faces! The weather was even perfect! Thank you so much for your support of our school! As a fundraiser, Fun Fest also exceeded my expectations. Thank you for investing in our school with every wristband, raffle ticket, snack food, and auction purchase. Coming together in such a fun way felt like another big step back to normal! 
    Last Friday we also held our first Opening Ceremony of the year for middle school. Open and Closing Ceremonies are gatherings we hold to unite and excite the middle school students each quarter. We gather in the gym and talk about special events coming this quarter, have some games/challenges, provide a student challenge related to Liveschool or character, ask some trivia questions with prizes, and host a high school performance to get them thinking about ways to be involved in high school. Friday we enjoyed a performance by the Color Guard from Rolesville High School. It was so nice to see our entire middle school together, cheering along their teachers and our guests!
    This week we’ve had class pictures and picture retakes. I got to watch one of our sweet kindergarten classes getting lined up by height and placed for their pictures. They were so happy just to be in the gym together! 
    Yesterday we finally met the requirements to use our beautiful new auditorium! Arts classes, primarily Drama, are already moving into this space. I can hardly wait to see our spring musical, Frozen, and our 8th grade graduation in this wonderful new space!
    Today, we are holding the first experience in a new middle school tradition – Fear Factor Day! Students in all middle school classes will conduct experiments and complete class activities focused on the creepier side of life. Thanks to Roberts Oxygen for helping us locate some of our special Fear Factor Day supplies! 
    Today we also learned that Endeavor is a top five finalist in the 2021 WRAL Voters' Choice Awards presented by M&F Bank! The WRAL Voters’ Choice Awards (VCAs) are a celebration of the best local businesses, people and landmarks that make Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Fayetteville and surrounding areas such great places to live. Our Middle School is a finalist this year! Please vote for us (one vote per email account) and share the link! We’d love to add winner this accolade to our list of success for this year!
    Thank you for all you do to help us succeed!
    Christi Whiteside, MSA
    Endeavor Charter School
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  • Updates on a few things...

    Posted by Christi Whiteside on 9/10/2021 4:55:00 PM
    ECS families,
    It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years since 9-11-2001. I looked today at our 8th grade students establishing a memorial of flags and was very proud of their efforts and of Ms. Doyle for taking the time to help her students honor the people our country lost. 
    This week I have a lot of short updates to topics I’ve addressed previously.
    1 - Our Covid dashboard has been updated. We’ve added a second tab available at the bottom of the dashboard chart. This "Historic" tab will add the info from the previous dates the dashboard was updated. I recognize that our efforts to provide this information have not provided as much information as you’d like. We continue to look at what information we can provide without that information being identifying. If you take a look at that historical data, you’ll see that our percent of positive student cases has continued to decrease. We are proud of the changes we’ve made in taking all eating outside and believe that change is contributing to this improved data. We also are very appreciative for the decisions you make off campus to protect your child. Those cautious decisions also protect our classes and our staff!  www.endeavorcharterschool.com/covid
    2 - Carpool continues to be smooth, but we can do better!
    • Please stagger your arrival times! When you arrive between 8:25 and 8:35am and between 3:30 and 3:40pm your wait time will be dramatically decreased! Your child will be safe in his/her classroom, and you will gain time back in your day!
    • Parents of our younger students, if your child cannot open the car door independently, please PRACTICE! Practice every day when you get home. With continued practice, this is a skill that can be learned! Until he/she is able to do this, please arrive at OFF PEAK times as suggested above. At those times a delay is less impactful for the other families.
    • We’ve noticed some families dropping off kids before the car has reached the sidewalk. Please don’t do this unless a staff member directs you to do so. If your car is curved away from the sidewalk, your child is not visible to the adults!
    • Have you joined a carpool yet? All the cool kids are doing it! :-)
    3 - Birthday treats - While Covid is still a concern, please limit birthday treats to individually wrapped, store bought items.   We’ve seen lots of boxes of doughnuts coming in and lots of hands reaching for them.
    Many apologies for the traffic delays this afternoon! The road work is contracted to stop no later than 3:00. It did not stop at that time today. We have contacted all the appropriate parties to ensure this does not happen again. Thank you for your patience!!
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  • In a few weeks' time...

    Posted by Lauren Manfreda on 9/3/2021 4:00:00 PM
    ECS families,
    Thanks to everyone who joined our ECS Virtual Covid Town Hall last night! We had a great turn out, and all of us on the panel appreciated your interest, your great questions, and your support! 
    Some big takeaways include the following:
    We are focusing all Covid related decisions around the following guiding principles:
    1. Protect the health and safety of our ECS community; and
    2. Promote a hands-on, familial learning environment in keeping with the ECS mission.
    The most common symptoms in Covid positive ECS students are: 
    • Headache
    • Sore Throat
    • Stomach Ache
    • Runny Nose
    Our ECS Covid dashboard is now available at www.endeavorcharterschool.com/covid and will be updated each Tuesday and Friday. Our small size limits our ability to provide more specific information that could be considered identifying.
    We have already taken many steps this year to respond to the new demands of Covid. A timeline below shows our new actions this school year.
    August 4 - ECS 1st day of 2021-22 school year with elementary school on-site and middle school at Vision campus. We opened the year with the following new supports in place for our students
    • Our K-3 Literacy Specialist was increased to a full-time position.
    • We hired an Early Learners Curriculum Coordinator to support K-2 teachers and students.
    • We hired a third full-time Special Education teacher.
    • We are offering remediation electives in reading and math for middle school students.
    • Middle school teachers offer office hours for one subject each morning for students needing extra support.
    • We added a full-time Guidance Counselor.
    • We hired an MTSS Coordinator to monitor the data regarding students needing extra support.
    August 13 (8th day of school): ECS gets the TCO to use the new classrooms and moves out of Vision 
    August 16 (9th day of school): ECS holds all classes on our campus with middle school eating in the Commons, ECS moves elementary school lunch to the MPR for distancing
    August 17 (10th day of school): 1st grade class placed in quarantine
    August 19 (12th day of school): 5th grade placed in quarantine
    August 20 (13th day of school): ECS acquires cafeteria tables for MS lunch and orders tables for ES lunch, ECS moves MS lunch outside
    August 22 (15th day of school): snack moved outside for elementary school and ended for middle school
    August 29 (weekend): ECS volunteer parents assemble elementary school lunch tables, THANKS to Lend A PAW!
    Sept 2 (22nd day of school): ECS moves elementary school lunch outside pending future weather and installation of shade structure 
    We commit to continuing to review our data and that of our community as we make future decisions regarding Covid and its impacts on our community. I wish you all a safe, healthy, happy Labor Day weekend!
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  • Curriculum Night, Covid Dashboard and Other Updates

    Posted by Lauren Manfreda on 8/20/2021 6:20:00 PM
    ECS families,
    Has there ever been a year with more changes in the first 13 days? So far in 13 days our school community has:
    • Welcomed three hundred and nine new students to campus including 80 tiny kindergarteners
    • Welcomed two hundred and sixteen new families to ECS
    • Welcomed twenty-five new staff members
    • Spent eight school days stretched across 2 campuses
    • Navigated two different ECS carpools
    • Combined two ECS carpools into one with very little time increase
    • Opened 18 beautiful new classrooms and 6 new offices with only 48 hours set up time
    • Opened an amazing new gym and middle school lunch area
    That’s a lot to accomplish in such a short period of time! I am very proud of all that we have done together, and I continue to be impressed with our staff and our volunteers in managing all the changes! Please take a moment to celebrate all we’ve done together!
    In addition to this celebration of all our accomplishments, I have a few updates:
    1. An ECS Covid Dashboard is coming soon to our website. We are concerned about the Covid numbers in our community and on our campus. We have had several requests for more information. So, starting next week, a Covid dashboard with ECS-specific information will be available on our website. It will be updated weekly to keep parents informed about our overall Covid experience.
    2. After much consideration, and in light of the Covid numbers in our community, next week’s Curriculum Nights will be presented remotely. Teachers will zoom from their classroom. We are anxious to share the new building with parents, but we need to prioritize the health of our staff and community in lieu of a large adult gathering on campus. Look for a zoom link and specific information to come from your child’s grade level early next week.
    3. We desperately need additional substitute teachers for our sub list. If you are interested in being on our sub list, please email jvanhall@endeavorcharter.com. Subs can choose the days they will work. They can also limit which grades/subjects they are comfortable working with. Please consider helping us out! 
    3. Thank you for your continued patience in carpool! If you do not find carpool to be the highlight of your day, stagger your arrival time in the afternoon. If you arrive between 3:35 and 3:45 you will spend less time waiting! Carpooling with another family will also help decrease your carpool time. If every family carpooled with one other family, our community carpool time would be cut in half! That would be good for you, good for our carpool staff, and good for the environment as cars would spend less time idling! Carpooling is still a safe option if folks stay masked in the car. Use our carpool finder tool located at https://www.carpoolworld.com/carpooling.html?c=ecs_cool_carpool. We’ve done a great job with carpool, but if we work together, we can do even better!
    I wish you all a healthy, happy weekend!  
    Christi Whiteside, MSA
    Director, Endeavor Charter School
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  • Covid Challenges

    Posted by Lauren Manfreda on 8/18/2021 8:25:00 PM
    I write today to ask for your help.  Covid continues to challenge Wake County and our ECS community.  We are seeing a consistent set of symptoms with recent positive Covid cases on our campus, and we want you to watch for these symptoms in your children.  Students who have recently tested positive in our school and our wider community are very consistently showing the following three symptoms:
    • Sore throat
    • Headache
    • Upset stomach/tummy ache
    This does not mean that the other Covid symptoms (fever, chills, new or persistent cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, new loss of taste or smell) are any less concerning.  However, because the new set of symptoms may seem more like a typical cold or flu and have been so consistent, we wanted you to be aware.  I strongly encourage you to have any person exhibiting those or other Covid symptoms AND the other immediate family members tested immediately. I also encourage you to consider vaccinating your children who are eligible and to be vigilant when you are off-campus. Please continue to wear a mask, wash your hands, and limit your activities within a crowd. Each of us can help protect our community!
    Christi Whiteside, MSA
    Endeavor Charter School
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  • Endeavor's Milestone

    Posted by Lauren Manfreda on 8/17/2021 12:25:00 PM
    A Milestone Day for Endeavor Charter School!
    Monday, August 16, 2021 was a day to be celebrated! Endeavor Charter School welcomed all 780 K-8 students and 75 staff members to our expanded campus on One World Way! It was a monumental day in Endeavor Charter School's history and it was one that YOU helped pave the way for.
    Your support is the reason we are here today.
    The opportunities are endless for our current and future students.
    Thank you for believing in Endeavor Charter School!
    We take great PRIDE in the POSSIBILITIES and OPPORTUNITIES that this expansion will provide our students for many years to come. We appreciate your continued support.
    Thank you for being a part of Endeavor's legacy!
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  • Reminders for Monday 8/16/21

    Posted by Lauren Manfreda on 8/15/2021 7:25:00 PM
    ECS Families, 
    Endeavor Charter School's middle school classrooms are READY! 
    Thank you to all of the teachers, staff, administration, Rent-A-Vet Moving Company and our WONDERFUL VOLUNTEERS who came through for us all weekend long! You showed up with tools, cleaning supplies, muscles and patience and we could not have done it without you all!
    • All students K-8 will be at the ECS campus beginning Monday 8/16/21!
    • School hours are 8:40-3:15
    • Morning carpool is 8:10-8:40
    • Afternoon carpool is 3:15-3:45
    • The less crowded times are at the beginning of morning carpool and at the end of afternoon carpool.  
    • Please remember to be patient with your fellow carpool drivers and carpool staff
    • K-5th grade students will continue to enter and exit from the temporary entrance until new patterns can be practiced
    • 6th-8th grade students will enter and exit through the new entrance
    • Please use the Carpool World tool, located at https://www.carpoolworld.com/carpooling.html?c=ecs_cool_carpool to locate a carpool to join and decrease your time driving. 
    • Once you are in a carpool lane, DO NOT SWITCH LANES! Switching impacts the order students are sent outside and sends them to the wrong spots. 
    • Signs on the sidewalk will help students find the correct door to enter. Inside the new wing, signs will point 6th, 7th, and 8th graders toward their specific area. Staff will be available to help students find their way as well.  
    • Middle school students who have classroom supplies may choose to bring them on Monday or throughout the week, but should only bring what they can carry each day.
    • On Monday, middle school students will be provided information about their electives and the locations of those classes.
    We are very excited to show off the new building to parents during Curriculum Nights! Stay tuned for more details and note the dates below:
    • Tuesday 8/24 - K, 2nd, 4th Curriculum Night 7-8pm
    • Wednesday 8/25 - 6th, 7th, 8th Curriculum Night 7-8pm
    • Thursday 8/26 - 1st, 3rd, 5th Curriculum Night 7-8pm
    Christi Whiteside
    Director, Endeavor Charter School
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  • Certificate of Occupancy!

    Posted by Lauren Manfreda on 8/13/2021 4:15:00 PM
    ECS families,
    I am absolutely thrilled to announce that we received our Temporary Certificate of Occupancy today! This means that we can move into our new classrooms immediately! ALL K-8 STUDENTS WILL BE IN CLASS ON CAMPUS AT ENDEAVOR ON MONDAY!! I am extremely grateful to our construction team and to the Town of Wake Forest team, especially Mayor Jones, for helping us cross this huge milestone and allowing us to bring our 7th and 8th grade students home to our beautiful expanded campus!  
    Work toward our final Certificate of Occupancy will continue on campus including finishing touches on the gym, auditorium, outdoor areas, and off-campus roadwork. We will be able to utilize those spaces in the upcoming weeks.  
    Curriculum Nights have been rescheduled and we look forward to welcoming all parents to campus on the following dates:
    • Tuesday 8/24: Curriculum Night for grades K, 2 & 4, 7:00-8:00pm
    • Wednesday 8/25: Curriculum Night for grades 6, 7 & 8, 7:00-8:00pm
    • Thursday 8/26: Curriculum Night for grades 1, 3 & 5, 7:00-8:00pm
    Our middle school students will finally be able to participate in regular school days next week including beginning elective classes on Monday. So, here is some basic info for those of you new to ECS.
    • Morning carpool is from 8:10-8:40, and afternoon carpool is from 3:15-3:45.  
    • The less crowded times are at the beginning of morning carpool and at the end of afternoon carpool.  
    • Please use the Carpool World tool, located at https://www.carpoolworld.com/carpooling.html?c=ecs_cool_carpool to locate a carpool to join and decrease your time driving. 
    • Once you are in a carpool lane, DO NOT SWITCH LANES! Switching impacts the order students are sent outside and sends them to the wrong spots. 
    • Signs on the sidewalk will help students find the correct door to enter. Inside the new wing, signs will point 6th, 7th, and 8th graders toward their specific area. Staff will be available to help students find their way as well.  
    • Middle school students who have classroom supplies may choose to bring them on Monday or throughout the week, but should only bring what they can carry each day.
    • On Monday, Students will be provided information about their electives and the locations of those classes.
    Thank you for your wonderful support and patience. We can't wait to show everyone our new spaces!
    Christi Whiteside, MSA
    Endeavor Charter School
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  • Construction Update

    Posted by Lauren Manfreda on 8/11/2021 8:15:00 PM
    ECS families,
    Last night Endeavor's Board of DIrectors met. They were updated on the current status of our construction project. The news is good, but not yet great. The good news is that we continue to pass inspections and meet paperwork requirements. We have passed many significant milestones. Our classrooms are painted and clean, the bathrooms are in working order, the bleachers and floor in the gym are installed, and the office looks ready for business. Because of our significant progress, we have requested a visit this Friday at which we will seek a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO). If granted, this TCO would mean that the building was completely functional and safe to use while final components of the overall project were completed. Things like the stoplight and road work that do not impact the use of the building itself could be completed AFTER we were allowed to use the building. So, get out your lucky rabbit's foot, your four-leafed clovers, and any other good luck charms you have, and think positive thoughts on Friday! I hope I will have GREAT news for you after those inspections are complete!
    In the meantime, we must make plans based on the facts as we know them today. The fact is that if we do not receive our TCO on Friday, we will still have school on Monday in the temporary spaces we are using. I recognize that our students', parents' and teachers' patience with the split campus is wearing thin. Our teachers and students are doing good work together at VIsion. I spent the day there on Monday and was very pleased with all that I saw. Great teaching and learning is happening! However, my goal is to welcome every single middle school student to a beautiful new classroom on our campus as soon as possible. The teachers are preparing to make a very fast relocation. They will need help, and I will be asking for volunteers to make that transition happen. As always, I have no doubt that the ECS community will support our teachers. 
    I will continue to provide you updates as we get information, and I will have my fingers crossed on Friday!
    Christi Whiteside
    Director, Endeavor Charter School
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