Posted by Christi Whiteside on 6/5/2018 11:40:00 AM

Let's talk about ECS Volunteers - they don't get NEARLY enough credit and thanks!  There are MANY volunteers that give countless hours throughout the year - but there are few that truly go above and beyond week after week, behind the scenes and in the trenches!  If you see these parents, give them a HIGH FIVE and a THANK YOU!

We're talking to YOU Angie Isaac - for your many years of dedication to Cafe Days - you are the CAFE DAY's QUEEN!! THANK YOU for spending so much time and energy making this program what it is today!

We're talking to YOU Shannon Eddleman - for your commitment to Terracycle, Cafe Days, Lunch Duty and the Parent Ambassadors!  Your enthusiasm for helping Endeavor in any and every way possible is inspiring!  THANK YOU!

We're talking to YOU Laurie Russo - for your leadership as President of PAWS this year, with many many hours behind the scenes, leading meetings, emails, the list goes on!  THANK YOU!

We're talking to YOU Jodi Sheldon - for your time as PAWS Treasurer, crunching the numbers, cutting checks, countless meetings, emails - we know your deep commitment to ECS and it shows! THANK YOU!!

We're talking to YOU Colleen Icenhower - for your time coordinating picture days, box tops, Terracycle, passive fundraising throughout the years and supporting Cafe Days!  We value all of the time and energy you spend on ECS!  THANK YOU!

We're talking to YOU Indy Harris - for your leadership of and dedication to Boosters and all of the behind the scenes work you've done year after year for spirit wear, Boosterthon, sports teams, concessions, Sports Awards - it's amazing!  THANK YOU!

We’re talking to YOU Susan White – for your enthusiasm, energy and foresight to lead the charge for lunch duty this year!  Your tremendous work getting the Parent Ambassador program up and running was second to none!  THANK YOU!!

We're talking to YOU Minh Graham & Terri Schaffer - for creating many years of AMAZING YEARBOOKS!!  Your beautiful work shines for each student in the wonderful keepsake you pour your heart and soul into!  THANK YOU BOTH!

We’re talking to YOU Michael Reinhardt – for your commitment to our building and campus, for being our handy person on call, and for your countless hours spent on Dodads Workdays! THANK YOU!

We're talking to YOU Kim Benton, Christina Arkin, Elle Coe, Christen Stevens, Lisa Fore, Natalie Newell, Kim Kroll, Deanna Munt, Meg Harvey, Marina Adams, Leslyn Kim, Lana Aberant, Missy Lewis - THE LIST GOES ON!!  You are truly an inspiration to current and future parents!  You continue to go above and beyond for ECS, there is no way we can thank you enough for the MANY MANY hours you've spent giving selflessly of your time for the betterment of our school. 

To this year’s 27 PARENT AMBASSADORS (PA’s) – what an amazing year you’ve all given ECS!  You’ve served as a liaison between the school and other parents, you’ve helped teachers with events and supplies for their classrooms, you’ve helped the school fundraise in many different ways, you’ve jumped in when needed, you’ve filled the lunch calendars for our teachers, you’ve sent email after email, encouraging your fellow parents to engage, connect and support the school.  You’ve all done a fantastic job, and Endeavor is so lucky to have your support!

Everyone listed above, and every single person that serves at lunch duty, or on the Board, or the Development Committee, or Café Days, or Field Trips, events, the book fair, art show, Fun Fest, weekend work days, sports events, teacher luncheons, celebrations – YOU’RE MAKING A DIFFERENCE at ECS!  All of your selfless acts of kindness and gifts of your time bring life to our school, to our students and teachers – and create this community.  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR A FANTASTIC YEAR!

~ECS Staff