Hurricane Florence Recovery Collection

Posted by Christi Whiteside on 9/18/2018 8:50:00 AM

ECS families,

We were so very lucky to have been spared the brunt of Hurricane Florence.  The storm seemed to be aimed straight at us, and we prepared for the worst. This week, as we dry out and recognize our good fortune, we also see our neighbors to the east suffering tremendously.  We’d like to help. Yesterday as we discussed how to get involved, I was contacted by one of our parents, Liz Mahoney - CJ(6), Emma (4) and Grace (K), who has been in contact with several local charities to determine their biggest needs.  For now, the charities are seeking:

  • water
  • non-perishable foods (canned fruits, vegetables, meat, and soup - Pop-top cans and low sodium a plus!)
  • whole grain pasta, brown rice, dried beans, and cereal
  • peanut butter
  • for infants: pedialyte, infant cereal, diapers (sizes 0-5), baby wipes, jarred food (cannot be loose, jars must be packaged together, no glass)
  • snacks such as: fruit cups, juice boxes, granola bars, crackers, popcorn
  • hygiene items
  • paper products (towels, plates, etc)
  • cleaning products (bleach, disinfecting wipes, etc.)
  • bath towels
  • new underwear for boys and girls.
  • tarps
  • batteries

If you would be willing to donate any of the items listed above (no other items, no glass containers), Liz will arrange delivery this weekend.  ECS Student Council members will be on the sidewalk this week during morning carpool on Thursday and Friday to help carry items from your car. We will also accept items during the Fun Fest on Friday.  

Each donation will receive two raffle tickets for Friday's Family Fun Fest!

Thank you for supporting those in need and for setting a great example of service to your children!  We appreciate your generosity!

Christi Whiteside

Director, Endeavor Charter School